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The paper "Work-Family Interface" is a delightful example of an essay on human resources. All families in the US should have access to a regular vacation entitlement, reduced taxes, and health care coverage for those suffering from chronic diseases.   A healthy hour work limits the good quality of life and elderly and orphaned care. The accessibility of a regular vacation is not available because the working force is small. Therefore, the workers are only entitled to vacations that are limited to a certain number of days. The tax reduction increases the levels of happiness in the family.

The family interface is not available because the cost of living is still high. Health care coverage is only for a short duration and cost-oriented. The interface is currently not available, causing the families of those that have chronic diseases to use money, hence, reducing the levels of happiness and the efficiency of those working. Healthy working hours are not available because the workers who do more work and less pay are overworking to provide for the families, and this is a known cause of diabetes.

Elderly and orphaned care is currently available and therefore, the elderly need better care. All employees are entitled to health benefits, retirement plans, and equal employment opportunities regardless of ethnicity or race. Job security is essential to prevent job loss. Rights against sexual harassment based on gender, sex and ethnicity. Health benefits entitlement is to incorporate that of immediate family members and injuries at the workplace. Retirement plans incorporate for every worker in the country. The plans should not be straining the workers financially. The rights for equal employment are available currently but only work for few organizations.

Harassment is still there, and most of the employees suffer silently. The rights exist but are for sexual objectives by higher management officials. Job security right is essential to prevent layoffs and unexpected job loss. These laws are available, but few organizations implement them. At will, employment is available for very few organizations. The at-will employment gives the worker the right to resign without the fear of being held back on grounds of contracts. It gives the power to an employee based on the grounds of the choice for resigning (Sweet, 2014). The work-family policy I chose is the increased minimum wage.

The reason behind the preferred preference is that it will increase the social justice of workers; this means that the privileges and wealth wise.   The work-family policy increases the satisfaction and general happiness of the family. In the business, this increases the chances of investment for the family and securing the future for the family. A Collective interest of the workers means that the workers develop ideas of investment that will benefit and increase personal equity.

Unequal access to an increased minimum wage means that the workers may develop in the social justice front, and some will not prosper. A risk that is group-oriented means that the group could be well-off because of the minimum wage salary increment. The chances of social equity will increase if there is a potential cost-saving opportunity. The most compelling of these stances is the potential cost savings to the employee; it gives all the opportunity to access this work policy that suits them well.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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