Essays on Human Resource Management for A FantasyWorld(video game,books,toy, game console, Dvd, game) Store Term Paper

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1. Will your employees require any additional training? If so what type/kind? Any employee who will work for any company or store whose job/s requires specialized knowledge and skill, an additional training is required. Especially in the case of Fantasy world game store that sells video games, associated fantasy books, and relevant toys, and game console because the job does not only require customer interaction and customer service but a high learning curve about the products they sell. Given the nature of the store which sells specialized merchandise, there are two proposed sets of trainings that should be given to the employees.

The first set is customer service and familiarization with the systems and operation of the store. The second set of training is product knowledge where employees will have an intimate knowledge about the products that they sell. This training is critical because the employees’ product knowledge will serve as the store’s competitive advantage over other stores. The first phase of training of customer service is a standard training given to all frontliners and employees who interacts with the customer.

It is in this training where basic courtesies of a store towards the customer are taught. Customer service training is necessary for the store to communicate a “game atmosphere” towards its customers to encourage patronage and loyalty. In addition, this training will enable the employees to familiarize themselves with the systems and procedures of the store, along with company policies. Being nice to the customer and the knowledge on how the store operates is not enough for a game store to be successful.

It is equally important that employees should know the product that the store is selling. Since the game store is considered a novelty store, it would be necessary for its employees to have a specialized knowledge about the video games, books, toy and consoles. Product training can involve letting the employees play the video games and requiring them to read the books that the store sells. This way, employees will have a “real feel” of the products they sell from the users perspective. 2. What benefits and/or services will you offer (understanding their associated costs)? To have a motivated workforce, it would be necessary for the employees to feel that they are being valued by the company.

In a way, the employees are the internal customer of the game store where their perception of their value to the company translates on how they will value the transacting customers that comes in to the store. One aspect of motivating the employees is by giving them benefits and services. This has to be balanced however by the game store’s financial capability.

A healthy balance must be stuck between giving employees benefits and services that will motivate them without undermining the game store’s bottom line. Aside from giving the employees the salary that is competitive in the industry, it would be beneficial to the employees if they will be offered health care benefits. Survey has showed that one of the particular benefits that are valued by the employees is health care benefits. This particular benefit will provide the employees the confidence that they will be taken cared off if their health fails them.

The other benefits and services that can be given to the employees creatively should reinforce an atmosphere of “game” in the store so that it will translate to a better customer interaction. The cost can be minimal while the impact is significant. Benefits such as free video games (the kind of games that the game store is selling) reinforces the employees product knowledge and costs almost free to the company (it can also serve as a form of training). Giving employee significant discounts when they make their purchase in the store will convey that they are part of the store yet it costs almost nothing to the store. Providing company outings to the employee fosters camaraderie and teamwork among the employees and promotes an atmosphere of fun in the game store yet it does not cost a lot to the company.

To increase sales, employees can be motivated by giving them individualized commissions and incentives for every sale they make. This will motivate employees to perform better that can translate to the game store’s higher sales.

3. Explain how you plan to communicate with employees and monitor employee satisfaction? It is already an increasing fad in the technology industry where communications are preferred to be open in an organization that does not stress too much hierarchy. Google excelled in this where the company encourages more interaction among employees and even with the management. During its Friday sessions, it even has a meeting where employees can directly ask the Chief Executive Officer anything. This is encouraged because it promotes innovation and initiative among employees not to mention a feeling that the company is a fun place to work with. This can be replicated in the game store where employees can freely communicate with the management.

This does not only foster harmonious relationship between the two but also encourages initiative among the employees to suggest methods on how to improve the operation of the game store better. Google does it best because the development of its major products came from the innovative minds of its employees and suggested directly to the upper management. It will also be easier to monitor employee satisfaction when there is an increased interaction between supervisors/managers and employees as fostered by open communication.

It will be easier for management to “pulse” employee satisfaction when it is grounded among the employees and constantly talk with them. In addition, a formal feedback mechanism can be integrated during performance appraisals where employees will be ask to provide their level of satisfaction. It is important however that anything that the customer will say must be followed through for the employee to feel being valued in the game store that will keep him or her motivated.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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