Essays on Human Resources In Organisations Reports Assignment

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IntroductionThe report was carried out with authorization of John, who wanted to know why his business was not growing while he had good managers. The report is supposed to establish weaknesses in the business organization and try to establish some corrective measures to the problems identified. Limitations that existed in producing the report were minimal but were overcome eventually. Some of the limitations were establishing whether the acquired information was correct or had been falsified by the management. Time constraint was a factor in preparing the report because of the many activities that had to be carried like interviewing workers to establish why they were dissatisfied with the management of the organization. The information used to write down the report originated from business related journals and texts.

These journals provided information on already tried problems and solutions to them. Their creditability was good because they had been reviewed and information in them seen to be true. The report will first provide a proposal on a new business organizational structure to John business detailing need of the new structure. It will then look at the benefits accrued by employing a business coach and finally look at the different contingencies that might face the establishment. Justification of the organizational structureJohn’s organization structure is not good because there is a breakdown in the communication within the organization.

The production team which is headed by Ted seems to work without any coordination. The structure had not provided good job descriptions of the different members in a clear way or clear grouping. Clear grouping of jobs would bring a structure where there would be no conflict in activities between the different parties working in the organization.

The business faced challenges where workers would receive instructions from multiple heads. This would lead to conflict in instructions received. Ways to improve communicationCommunication in business ensures that each person in the business has the accurate information at the precise time. Communicating certain issues late would lead to a situation where decisions are delayed or making decisions that would cost the business some money. Lack of effective communication would bring about conflict of ideas and interest among workers in the organization (Gail et. al 2009, p.

249). Some of the proposed measures of improving communication in the organization would be: -Develop an informal communication channelThe informal communication channel is where people in the lower ranks or in the same rank can discuss any information without following the laid down formal structure. The laid down formal structure in this organization is where information originates from Ted on different quotation then to Matt and Dave. The workers at the bottom of the organization will wait for information to reach to them from the two supervisors which might be distorted or never passed at the end.

The informal communication channel is supposed to encourage dialogue where the boiler makers can confirm an issue from their boss Matt. The informal communication will develop a form of mutual trust between all employees where they will see that their opinions are taken into consideration. Some of the means that informal communication can be encouraged is having meetings with all the employees and trying to brief them on the missions and business deals the business is working.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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