Essays on Identifying Truth Or Fiction Coursework

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IDENTIFYING TRUTH OR FICTION al Affiliation Identifying fiction or truth Science can be examined as a systematic process of obtaininginformation that depends on the fact that the world in its natural form is governed by certain principles, and the principles can be discovered through experimentation and observation methods. On the other hand, pseudoscience refers to claims expressed in a language that sounds scientific in basing its arguments but the ideas have not been subjected to any testing through contemporary scientific process. Most pseudoscience claims are theories that do not have substances assertions or predictions that are testable scientifically (Montemayor 2012). Pseudoscience often characterized with non-rational justifications are attractive since they appeal idealistically and are fun to contemplate about.

In a pseudoscience context of reality, normally it is of little significance whether an idea is scientifically accurate or otherwise (Montemayor 2012). All that is deemed as important in one’s universal spectra is what appeals to them or satisfies some linguistic anger. It is okay in believing what you want but harmful to perceive that your arguments are scientific based when they are not (Montemayor 2012). Two examples of pseudo-science claims are: analyzing handwriting supposedly can be used to reveal a person’s personality characteristics.

This concept is used by some companies in recruitment- when they insist on hand written application letters. The other claim is that aliens helped build the world (Baloney Detection Kit 2015). These two claims have not been scientifically tested rather are perceptions that cannot be verified as truth. To know someone’s personality, an oral interview or inquiry from others may give an insight into someone’s personality. Point two of the Baloney Detection Kit: which states if the source makes similar claims.

The emphasis is that an open mind should be kept when testing the validity of information and care should be taken to avoid biases. Another concept that has significantly influenced my thinking is the placing of a concept on a practical concept that is if it fit in the world of today (Baloney Detection Kit 2015). ReferencesBaloney Detection Kit, (Dr. Michael Shermer). (n. d.). Retrieved February 12, 2015, from http: //youtu. be/hJmRbSX8RqoMontemayor, H. (2012). Pseudoscience. Delhi: Orange Apple.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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