Essays on Ways in Which the Company Will Be Involved in Engaging the Community Business Plan

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The paper "Ways in Which the Company Will Be Involved in Engaging the Community " is a perfect example of a business plan.   The paper will outline the ways in which the company will be involved in engaging the community in the supporting of the physically challenged. It will also give an overview of the organizational structures and how the organization will be managed. The paper will also highlight the main stakeholders in the management of the organization. The paper will also note a number of institutions that are willing to support and finance the organization in order to meet their objectives.

It will also highlight a number of ways in which the government can be involved in order to support people with disabilities (Bradfield et al. 2005). It also highlights a number of strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats that are likely to be incurred by the organization. The organization is a non-profit making organization, for this reason, it has set a flexible budget and also targets the government, volunteers, and well-wishers, other community-based organizations to finance the organization. The paper also highlights some of the ways in which the organization will spend its money.

It will also highlight the number of services it will offer to people with disabilities. The paper also will highlight the mission, the vision, the objectives, and the guiding values. It will explain how all these aspects will be achieved in the business plan. Mission To reinforce the country’ s quality of life via hearty society participation, involving the local residents, community organizational involvement, and through state support. Vision Improving the quality of lives through community support Values The core values include accountability, community participation, integrity, human right promotional-innovation, integrity, gender equity, sustainability, diversity. The organization as it encourages the citizens to support the physically challenged has to ensure that there is greater community involvement, provide a clear communication channel, and ensure maximum utilization of the available community support initiatives. Objectives The main objective is to reach as many disabled people as possible, support them financially through job creation, help the in the transport sector, and promote a healthy relationship and creation of a strong social network. Business analysis The organization will seek financial support from a number of non-governmental organizations, from the community-based organizations, volunteers, and also from the state.

The organization will also seek the support of the disability service providers who will be in a position to help the organization to evaluate how they will offer the services to the people with disabilities. They will also enlighten the organization on whether it will meet the demands that the people with disabilities are seeking (Noe et al. 2006). The organization has budgeted for $ 200,000 to support running the entire support program. It is also aiming to raise about $ 150,000 from the NGOs and the community-based organizations, the state and volunteers, and well-wishers.

The money will be used to improve the living standards of the physically challenged. This will be done by supporting their small businesses, supporting their health bills, paying off their school fees, and basically supporting them in order to afford their basic needs such as; clothes, shelter, and food. The money will also support their means of transport (Wehman, 2006).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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