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The paper “ Integrated Marketing Communication for Small to Medium Enterprises" is a delightful example of a research paper on marketing. In the face of globalization, organizations have moved to integrate their marketing actions with the public, popularly known as Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC). In order to achieve a synergistic communications strategy, firms throughout the world have integrated their traditional marketing communications aspects such as sales promotion and advertising with new marketing channels. Within small to medium enterprises(SMEs), the limited marketing budgets have seen business organizations adopting various relationship marketing concepts in order to enhance customer loyalty, as well as retention.

Throughout the world, Small to Medium Enterprises s has become a critical element of national economies. The emergence of internet marketing has revolutionized the internationalization of Small to Medium enterprises. Khosrow-Pour (2006) in his studies argued that small and medium-sized enterprises have embraced internet marketing at a feverish rate. According to Khosrow-Pour (2006), more than 90% of SMEs in developed nations have web sites that enable them to reach a wider clients’ base. The New Digital era has enabled people to be more creative thus resulting in growth in client traffic, as well as new business partnerships.

Research shows that the adoption of internet technologies has the ability to enhance marketing practices. A study, which was done by Sharma, (2011) stated that SMEs that have adopted the concept of internet marketing has gained from continued customer satisfaction. On the other hand, failing SMEs do not bother to capitalize on the internet and hence lacks a competitive edge over their rivals. These SMEs are not bothered by the high preference their competitors give to innovation programs. In recent years, marketing communications have become exceptionally complex, and this has called for careful advertising arrangements to harmonize integrated marketing communications policies.

The main goals of communications include creating awareness, influencing, reminding and creating value. With this regard, marketing managers should harmonize their promotional activities in order to create incorporated client-focused messages. They should strive to identify client’ s needs and also, convey the image in all that they undertake because their activities portray a lot about the product being advertised. This research recognizes the crucial role played by SMEs in the development of the global economy.

SMEs are essential because they are the backbone for industrialization. They also offer job opportunities to many people across the globe and also, enable a nation to earn foreign exchange. The adoption of integrated marketing communication has significantly enhanced its performance. It is for this reason that the research determines the role of integrated marketing communication for the SMEs. Though several studies about integrated marketing communication exist, little effort has gone into studying their relevance in Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs). An assessment of integrated marketing communication for small to medium enterprises is, therefore, overdue.

The following research thus focuses on integrated marketing communication for small to medium enterprises. The main objective of this research is to understand the role of internet-based communications in the SMEs. The research will seek to analyze how SMEs can gain a competitive edge by using internet communications in the contemporary business panorama. The research will, therefore, help to develop strategies for the effective implementation of integrated marketing communication for SMEs.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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