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The paper "Integrated Marketing Communication Plan of KFC" is a great example of a business plan on marketing.   This integrated marketing plan for KFC is meant to investigate the possibility of increasing the market base for KFC’ s main product (chicken pieces). The entire marketing communication team at KFC will focus mainly on both marketing and advertising, in which the team wants to establish a possible plan and build a forecast on the success of KFC, especially in the sale of the main brand. This plan will be based on the available information about KFC, together with information about the existing market of food franchises in Australia.

The plan begins by giving presenting a situation analysis for the market and then the target audience (students). The Marketing Communication objectives of the plan are also clearly stated as well as the Creative strategies and execution. The writer also included the Media plan that constitutes the schedule and budget for all the communication media. Situation Analysis KFC was founded in America in 1930. KFC was founded in Louisville at the heart of Kentucky. Having created a base across the world, the company has six outlets in the six continents.

KFC offers different types of dishes, but chicken pieces are the major of KFC. Food franchise is very popular in Australia and chicken parts are offered in all outlets of KFC. In order to gain more insight into the KFC brand, we conducted exploratory research in the form of a survey. Our research was focused on students, is our main target. We managed to interview a total of 120 people aged between 15 and 30 years of age to be in a position to generalize the results.

The results indicated that 80% of students preferred chicken parts among the dishes offered by KFC. When asked about their experiences with other food franchises in town, there were varied responses. Most of the respondents indicated that KFC chicken pieces were of great quality and easily affordable given their economic status. Others were really excited about the quality of services offered at KFC, which is incomparable across Australia. To develop a better understanding of when students visit KFC, we asked about habits. 50% of students visit KFC more than four times in a week; 26% two times in a week; and 24% at least once in a week.

All students commented on the timely delivery of KFC, ranking it the best among all the food franchises in Australia. This shows that eating chicken pieces is part of Australian students’ lifestyles. The information gathered gave us an insight into how to offer even better services to the target segment. Target Audience The main target group we intend to focus on is students. Australia is a city with many students across the world.

Different kinds of education are offered in Australia, ranging from various schools as well as educational levels (high school, practical school, colleges, and university) and various directions.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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