Essays on Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security Research Paper

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Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security Describe and evaluate a leading corporations website in these four areas product information, (2) corporations contact information, (3) customization of products for customers, and (4) customer information at purchase. E Bay is a website that provides extensive information about a product. The company’s website is sharing a massive list of offering comprising bifurcation by each category such as Fashion, Electronic, tickets, entertainment and others. The company’s corporate contact information gets mentioned with a key focus on mentioning media contact person’s email id.

Furthermore, the products offered on the website of e bay are also customized meeting individual customer needs and requirements. E Bay has a customer support centre which directs a customer about the purchase of products from eBay phone number (Cohen, 2002). 2) Describe and evaluate three (3) of the corporations internet marketing strategies and the competitive advantages its website provides. . E Bay. com was among the pioneers in the online auction, and majorly operates as a shopping Web site. The company generates its revenue through internet marketing.

The company typically sells its thousands of products and services, which get listed on its website, on a daily basis through an online portal. Furthermore, in 2004, the company introduced its Business & Industry category and now also sells a wide variety of industrial supplies (Cohen, 2003). E Bay uses internet marketing companies like Skype and Pay Pal in their online auction. After one year in the internet business, eBay partnered with Electronic Travel Auction that sells airline tickets and may more travel related products online.

This is just but an example of the company’s initiative to sell its products online (Cohen, 2002). 3) Analyze and interpret the corporations privacy or security policy and the corporation’s response to the security breach. The company uses PayPal a Trustee licensee. The policy shows the way in which E bay collects, uses and protects the customers’ personal information. E bay has also introduced new Corporate Rules that got approved by the European Union privacy regulators. These rules protect the customers’ information regardless of where the information resides (Jackson, 2004).

In response to a security breach, The company also uses data encryption and firewalls and maintain strict access to its buildings and files. 4) Recommend and give the rationale for two (2) methods and/or tools to ensure greater security for customers. To ensure rationale to greater security, the company should make online identification (Entrust Identity Guard Self-Service Module) more stringent. For instance, the company should build many aspects of their (customers) authentication identities, freeing administrator time without compromising the security of the network.

Moreover, the company could also mail a soft copy of the purchasing details to the customers immediate after its purchase of a product from e bay. Reference Cohen, A (2003). The Perfect Store. Boston: Back Bay Books. Cohen, A (2002). The Perfect Store: Inside eBay. New York: Little, Brown & Company. Jackson, E (2004). The PayPal Wars: Inside battles with eBay, Media, Mafia, and the Rest of Planet Earth. California: World Ahead Publishing.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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