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The paper "Interview Package for Post of Retail Sales Manager at Optus" is a wonderful example of a report on human resources. Manpower selection determines the long term success of an organization which has thereby made the organization look towards it as a specialized function and examine the different behavioral characteristics based on which the candidates will be selected. This report looks towards chalking out an interview plan for the post of retail sales manager in Optus where it looks towards analyzing the different behavioral traits, the different probable questions to be asked, and the process in which the interview will be conducted.

This will help to ensure that the right person is chosen who has the required skills and experiences that the company is looking for. Description of Behavioral Criteria Through this mechanism, Optus looks towards identifying the different traits and qualities that the different candidates coming for an interview has and tries to establish a relationship between those and the requirements of the organization (Yokl, 2002). This will help to ensure uniformity in the process of choosing the right candidate and is as follows Interpersonal Skills: This is a prime requisite for a candidate applying at Optus.

The requirement of the job is such that the person should be able to handle both the written and oral communication strategy so that proper communication can be passed from the manager to his employees. This will help to ensure that the process will help to accomplish the task and develop the required structure through which efficiency will be attained (Peterson & Fleet, 2004) Relationship Building: The candidate to be selected should have a good rapport in the industry and based on it will be able to build the same within the company.

Since the manager will not always come in contact with the final customers so it is important that he has a good rapport with the employees so that all the problems that the customers are facing can be sorted out. This will also require a proper relationship with the stakeholders and others associated with Optus. This will help to deal with the different issues which the business might face and will be able to carry out the responsibilities in the best possible manner (Petersen & Fleet, 2004) Motivation: The candidate for the job should be such that he should himself be motivated and should be able to motivate his team.

This will play a crucial role in the future of the retail industry as it will help to satisfy customers. This will also ensure that Optus is able to manage its resources in a better way and will be able to transform its business to attain bigger things (El-Sabaa, 2001). Problem Solver: The candidate should look towards challenges that are a part and parcel of the retail industry and instead of relying on the old and traditional methods should develop new ones.

This will require that the candidate thinks out of the box and instead of postponing the challenges should face it and solve it by ensuring that the resources are not wasted but utilized optimally (Cross, 2000). Administration: The candidate should be such that he should be capable of handling the different responsibilities which a manager is required to handle as a retail manager. This will require that the person is able to handle the administrative functions and is able to ensure that the administrative cost reduces and Optus is able to improve their style of working (Cross, 2000)


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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