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Senior Manager - Customer Experience ConsultingBehavioral criteriaCompetent communication and interpersonal skillsThe senior manager should be an individual who will be comfortable in interacting with others effectively thus, building productive interpersonal relationships (Van Vugt et al 2008, p. 182–196). Competent communication and interpersonal skills also speak to an outgoing personality which is important in management (Easdown et al 2004, p. 8). Effective communication raises the production levels with the organization. Patterns of social behavior are formulated with communication and, it is important for the senior manager to have this ability in order to maximize communication with relevant individuals such as shareholders (Stamoulis 2009).

Being able to anticipate the needs of customers is important in building trust with them as well as reinforcing their brand loyalty. Personality theories stipulate that it is vital for senior managers to have effective communication skills to increase productivity (Kaiser & Hogan 2010, p. 210-232). By looking at how people respond to questions asked during the interview as well as possible scenarios, which may be presented in the interview, the interviewer can gauge the competency of the interviewee in terms of communication and interpersonal skills. Honesty Honesty is among the major prerequisites to knowing whether an individual posses integrity and good leadership.

Consequently, it will one of the major behavioral traits sought after in the interview (Stamoulis 2009). A potential senior manager will be in charge of vital operations as well as the future of the organizations since he will be dealing with customers. As such, he needs to be someone with integrity (Kaiser & Hogan 2010, p. 210-232). Being a senior manager also makes him an automatic leader.

This means that he should exhibit honesty and possess high levels of moral principles. Easdown et al (2004, p. 4), emphasize that a leader with integrity shows greater concern for other people’s welfare. Integrity is also constituent of an individual being consistent such that people can count on them effectively. In management, this also refers to one being consistent so that they do what they say (words and actions). Peter Drucker posits that posits that integrity is a prerequisite to good leadership (Kaiser & Hogan 2010, p. 210-232).

Honesty will help the leader in developing mutual respect and trust with those he is in charge of. Customers will be more comfortable if they can believe the company is on their side. Interviewers can gauge honesty by the responses given to them by the interviewee. Clear and definite goalsPersonnel are often impressed by an individual who exhibits possession of clear goal directed behavior (Easdown et al (2004, p. 9). Consequently, one of the behaviors that should be exhibited in the interview is having definite and clear goals (Van Vugt et al 2008, p.

182–196). As a potential senior manager, one should have specific career objectives that should be stated clearly (Van Vugt et al 2008, p. 182–196). Answers given should not be vague. Specific goals assure the interviewee of one’s self assurance. Professionalism As a professional the individual should demonstrate that they can adhere to ethical requirements and be altruistic, as well. In addition, they will show that they can be accountable to customers, the organizations and society. They will also show that they can be sensitive to different age, cultural and gender issues (Easdown et al 2004, p.

8). The senior manager will show that they can use resources and time effectively and productively. Professionalism will be a key criterion in judging whether a person has managerial competency. This is a general term used to refer to behaviors that show that an individual can make effective decisions within in the organization in relation to the entire organization’s internal and external context. Decision making skills are essential in this case. The interviewee should be able to demonstrate that they are aware and responsive to the organizational context.

They need to understand how their decisions and actions affect the entire organizations. Decisions made in this case will show that the manager is ready to take effective action that does not compromise the quality of services offered by the organization. One can assess this behavior by asking questions such as asking them about a time when they had to admit to a mistake to their superiors and peers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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