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Position: Airport manager1.0 Behavioural criteria1.1 Interpersonal and communication capabilitiesThe incumbent requires interpersonal skills as well as developed oral and written communication. The incumbent also needs the ability to consider and respond to the feelings, capabilities and needs of different people in various situations. Has the ability to make convincing and clear oral presentations, effective listening and clarification of information as needed. Has the ability to express ideas and facts in writing in an organised, clear and convincing manner. The demonstration of strong skills in communication and coordinating with others is important in every managerial position (Sackett & Lievens, 2008).

The behaviours that will need assessment include style of communication both the strength of oral communication and written style which include treating individuals and groups with respect, facilitating open exchange of ideas. 1.2 Team building and partneringThe incumbent requires inspiring, guiding and motivating of individuals and groups towards the accomplishment of goals. To develop as well as sustain cooperative relationships in the workplace with customers and employees, foster team spirit, commitment and trust. Has the ability to develop leadership in others through guiding, coaching, rewarding as well as mentoring.

Has the ability to create and sustain the organisational culture that allows for high performance, shows a commitment of serving the public and influencing others towards accomplishment of the mission. Has the ability to build and network alliances, collaborate and finding a common ground with stakeholders. The behaviour indicators include demonstration of commitment to quality service of public through actions and statements, development of networks with individuals and groups, empowering others, motivating and inspiring employees, building open communication and trust as well as creating an environment that encourage cooperation (Carlopio, Andrewartha & Armstrong, 2005).

1.3 Creativity and innovation/ technology managementThe incumbent requires using cost-effective and efficient approaches in technology integration into the place of work as well as improving the effectiveness of the program. Has the ability to develop strategies by use of new technology in order to enhance making of decision. The incumbent needs to understand the impact of changes in technology on the firm. Has the ability to develop new sites in every situation as well as applying innovative solutions that will make the organisation improve.

This is also in support of Tsai, Chen & Chiu (2005) who recognizes creativity and innovation as essential in demonstrating competencies in contemporary organisations. The behavioural indicators include developing innovative solutions, use of non-traditional approaches for improving effectiveness of the organisation and technology integration into the place of work. The skills required include innovative and creative thinking. 1.4 Problem solving and conflict management The incumbent requires identifying and taking steps for prevention of potential conditions that may lead to unpleasant confrontation. Has the ability to resolve and manage conflicts as well as disagreements within the workers in a constructive and positive manner in order to minimize any negative impact.

The incumbent must requires the ability identify as well as analyse problems, to distinguish between information that is relevant from the irrelevant one in making logical decisions and provide solution to individual as well as organisational problems. The behaviour indicators include management of confrontations and conflicts in a constructive manner, addressing and seeking resolution for both formal and informal complaints from stakeholders, customers and employees. Recognizing and defining issues and problems, using analytical tools, qualitative as well as quantitative data in analysing and solving problems.

Dipboye (2004) recognizes past behaviour roles, experience and skills in the same field as very important factors in recruitment of a competent incumbent.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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