Essays on Islamophobia And The Media Coursework

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Islamophobia and the media Islamophobia and the Media Islamophobia is the intense dislike for Muslims and teachings of Islam. In this era of Islam extremist attacks linked to terrorism, Islamophobia is increasingly on the rise. A vast group of disillusioned people is airing negative views about Islam. Such activities, which portray negative concepts about Muslims, increase Islamophobia (Mediasmarts. ca, 2015). Many sections of the mainstream media air their anti-Islamic opinions. Several newspaper article writers focus on negative concepts about Islam such as the ISIS, Al Shabaab, and Al Qaeda (Jablonski, 2015). The media often dwell much on the link between Islam and its extreme members (Alexander, & Moore, 2015).

The media place less emphasis on the positive contribution to society that Islam has given. Many newspapers release publications about terrorism and terrorist activities, as well as other negative aspects of Islam in the society. A number of Western news reporters often report about terror activities carried by the extreme elements in Islam (Guardian, 2005). Although there is no official validation of belief in Jihad by Muslims, the media already created an image portraying Islam as a religion, which is not tolerant.

Such reporting intends to make the non-Muslim audience develop a dislike for this section of the society. Many features of the television focus on extremism in Islam and the adverse effects of these activities (Global Research, 2015). Magazines and journals also release features portraying a bad image of Islam (Snyder, 2015). Such occurrences tend to mislead the public into Islamophobic tendencies because they brainwash people into fearing all Muslims in general. These sections of the media unknowingly or knowingly portray negative ideologies concerning Islam and dent its image in the eyes of the already skeptical populace.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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