Essays on Adoption of Cloud Computing at Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Essay

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The paper "Adoption of Cloud Computing at Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises" is an outstanding example of an essay on management. Cloud computing involves delivering computing services through the Internet and it is considered to be beneficial to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Basically, the implementation of IT platforms and solutions is considered too costly and complex for SMEs, but cloud computing eases this burden. Scores of business are using cloud computing solutions as their main business strategy that enables them to concentrate on their core business. Business organizations are turning to cloud computing services for data backup, storage, and processing so as to improve productivity, for customer support and service, communications, or accounting services.

When the organization allows the cloud provider to handle personal information, legal issues such as privacy infringement may arise. These days, SMEs are competing at the global stage, wherein companies that are more established have harnessed various technological trends like big data, cloud computing as well as mobility. In this report, cloud computing value creation within SMEs is examined by focussing mainly on how it may be used to support SME ‘ X’ maintain its competitive advantage at the global level.

Besides that, the report discusses the impact of cloud computing technologies on the cultural, economic, demographics, and legal issues from global and societal perspectives. 1.0 Introduction SMEs need IT resources and tools so as to grow and improve their profitability while moving into the markets. Partners in the industry have the commitment and resources that can make SMEs more competitive at the global stage by offering enterprise-grade solutions. Cloud solutions are without a doubt beneficial to SMEs; for instance, cloud platforms enable SMEs to be able to compete at the global stage since it offers a level playing field needed to be successful in the business.

A number of SMEs have not yet fully realized the benefits that are brought about by cloud solutions. Presently, SMEs are using cloud computing with the aim of growing their business without using new infrastructure or equipment that easily gets obsolete. Besides that, physical IT needs more control as well as maintenance.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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