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The paper “ Trained Business Coordinator Applying for Position of Salesperson of Poole Recycled Fiber Company“ is a  motivating variant on resume on human resources Poole Recycled Fiber Company has an excellent opportunity for a sales coordinator to join the company’ s sales department. Poole Recycled Fiber Company has several sales challenges. The first problem facing the company is generating awareness. Before any business organization starts to make sales, they need to get the attention of their audience and get people interested in their business, service or product (Ellis, 2010). Irlam faces the challenge of not having an adequate volume of interested customers. Additionally, the company lacks adequate knowledge of incorporating social media in generating customers.

For a business to have a larger customer base, they need to use social media to reach their customers. Irlam Company lacks the idea of social media incorporation. For instance; when one tries to find the company online, one is not directed to social media sites. This implies that the company has not integrated social media effectively in its marketing operations. The final challenge facing the company is keeping up with the current strategies and trends.

Marketing has undergone numerous transformations (Blythe & Zimmerman, 2005). The company has failed to keep up with the new changes and trends in the marketing environment. New trends emerge, new strategies are developed and new technologies arise. This is therefore in need of a graduate who can help them overcome their challenges. Position Sales Coordinator Nature of the job The job needs a proactive sales administrator or an enthusiastic graduate who is in need of developing a career in sales. The sales coordinator should have the ability to contribute to the future success of the company clients as they continue to thrive and grow.

The sales coordinator will handle coordinating and managing all inquiries by the customers and develop better strategies that can make the company gain a competitive advantage. The coordinate will liaise with the customers and convert the customers’ inquiries into sales ad delivering quality services. ​ The candidate should be a previous sales coordinator, should have a degree and should be positive and willing to learn. Proper communication is also an essential requirement. Online application Teamwork Teamwork is essential for any business organization to realize success in their operations (Salas, 2013).

A few years ago, I was part of the sales department members at Johns and Sons Company when I went for my internship program. The company was not making a sustainable improvement in its sales due to a lack of proper teamwork among the members. The managers were making individual decisions and did not involve other employees in making decisions in the company. Within the sales department, the sales manager was reluctant to include other salespersons and coordinators in making significant sales decisions.

As a result, the firm was not operating at the same standard as its competitors. When I realized this, being a trained sales coordinator, I understood that the company was heading in the wrong direction and needed prompt action to help the company improve its operation. I wanted to form a strategy whereby all the workers within the organization would be able to work together in making sound and sustainable business decisions. For me to realize my dream, I had to establish my leadership with every member of the sales department.

I confronted the sales manager and told him about my ambition to revive the company. I told him about the importance of considering the ideas of every employee within the organization. I reminded him that there is no wrong idea, and the subordinates may provide proper and appropriate ideas since they interact with the customers in the marketplace.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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