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Journal Opinion article on current economic issues in Wall street Journal Within the complexities of societal changes and shifts of public interest in economic issues, especially policies and programs proposed by governments, the Wall street Journal has introduced Op-Eds from writers, analysts and commentators that discuss current vast issues in governance and administration to bolster the public’s confidence in understanding government’s processes and to foster accountability, transparency and re-align these governmental policies within the social and economic realities of the day by close examination of these issues. Quite often than not, issues that dominate the Op-Eds usually range from economy, health, education and contemporary policies that directly or indirectly affects the public’s welfare.

More recent than ever, op-Ed publishes opinions examining the president’s Obama issues on economic affairs against Romney’s ideologies in salvaging the current economic situation or criticizing Obama’s administration. For instance, the WSJ-op-Ed on November 23, 2011 featured Hubbard’s assailment on Obama’s economic policy on taxes and spending by suggesting that accommodating Obama’s plan of increasing taxes would imply an estimated 60% of the increase in taxes within the next 25years suggesting a “leadership failure” from President Obama on fiscal issues.

This brings to the floor the question of tax burden on the middle and lower class of the economy, creating a huge tax burden for the rather poor households. The economic implications of this would be increased spending of households with less to save thereby limiting the purchase capacity of many persons within the American economy. Additionally, there exists a direct relationship between economic development and international foreign relationship. Issues of importance concern economic foreign policies and trade agreements between America and foreign nations calling for sound foreign policy for America.

An article carried by WSJ Op-Ed on July 22, 2011 examines the government’s role in in administration and leadership in international development organizations like the United Nations. In economic perspective, the UN cannot be ignored especially its central role in economic policies and advising to foreign nations, that is why Romney’s proponents suggest that “the US lacks effective” control of the UN. (WSJ Op-Ed) In a series of other related articles, Max Boot presents four op-Ed journal entries in WSJ as a criticism of US handling of its foreign policy programs.

On February 28, Boot claims that Obama’s single decision to bring home the US soldiers fighting in Afghanistan led to serous economic shortfalls in that country by suggesting that this act led to lack of security in Afghanistan such rendering economic undertakings of this nation futile. On June 24, Boot falsifies Obama over the handling of the Scarborough Shoal dispute and Obama’s ineffectiveness in handling of China. In my opinion, Boot creates a feeling of US inadequacies in handling its international trading units, which would imply diminishing economic presence of US in the international foreign trade. In conclusion, it can strongly be argued that WSJ Op-Ed provides an insightful platform for the public to re-examine their beliefs in governments and further places the reader in an informed point to re-evaluate the government’s worth in representing the public agenda.

Additionally, the government is placed in a unique position to consider its policy proposal and the wider economic and public effect in providing the citizenry with rightful solutions within the economic realities of the country.

Work cited WSJ Op-Ed. " Wall Street Journal. " 2011. 20 October 2012 .

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