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 Key Aspects of Organizational Development Introduction For any organization to be successful, there are various aspects that have to be closely monitored. In any organization, operational planning cannot be alienated from successful running of the organization. Operational planning is concerned with the manner in which the organization is run. Without proper operational planning, it is extremely difficult for the organization to equitably allocate resources in the organization. Operational planning involves description of the organization’s operation that is normally displayed on a chart. Human capital management is also mandatory for all organizations. This refers to the expertise that the organization’s employees display in their work place.

Human capital management, has over the years has played an important role in successful operation of businesses. With the employees having proper expertise in the business, the likelihood of the organization being successful remains high. Performance management and customer relations are essential in any business. Performance management entails management of performance of the organizations and what can be done to improve the functioning of the business. It is mandatory that managers of a business are aware of the potential of their organizations by carrying out frequent assessments of their management systems.

On the other hand, customers are the major reasons why most businesses and organizations are in existence. Customer management is, therefore, undoubtedly crucial in organizational development and management. Organizations must operate on the lines that customers must come first before anything else in the organizations. Conclusion Conclusively, from the above discussion, it is evident that operational planning, customer relations, performance management and human capital management are essential for successful business operations. Operational planning is very crucial for all organizations. Through this form of planning, the organization is in a better position to strategize on how to successfully attain its goals and objectives.

The company is able to allocate funds for its projects in an easier way, thus fill in all the gaps that may be present in the organization. Successful operations of businesses cannot be alienated from the inclusion of the best work force in the organization. For the organizations to attain its goals, it must ensure that they incorporate work force that has the required skills for the various jobs.

Additionally, organizations must continually endeavor to improve the skills of its work force, for successful business operations. Performance management is one of the most crucial activities that organizations should undertake. This is the only way towards a successful assessment of the progress of the business. Performance management allows for proper operation of the business, not undermining the ability if its employees to offer their best in the organization. Proper customer relations prove to be the best strategy towards successful business operations. These relations are geared towards production of the best products and services to the customers.

For the businesses to survive in the competitive world, the first step is to satisfy the customers, and the rest follows.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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