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The paper “ Sydney Apple Company - Service Improvement and Expansion” is an intriguing example of the business plan on marketing. Outlined clearly in this plan is the strategic step that should be observed in order to enhance the effectiveness and productivity of the Sydney Apple Company. We as Sydney Company have high expectations of increasing our sales turnover and profit margins in particular, and this has created this big need to lay down strategic measures to bring this to realization. A higher profit margin is expected with regards to this plan and this can only be achieved through key support from senior management in implementing this plan alongside keeping to our business objectives.

Our highly experienced staff in the field of sales and marketing have previously exhibited dynamism in their marketing and sales approaches and it is expected that this plan, will bring forth widen the sales and marketing activities of our product through further creation of enthusiasm and will on the part of management to make more sales revenue through strategic steps as outlined. Sydney Apple company, being an export-oriented conglomerate faces a lot of challenges today that call for a speedy strategic plan that will ensure it stands up to the challenges owing to the ever-changing environment.

The company puts up this plan in the backdrop of increased preference of Competition from other countries such as Kenya, Israel, and South Africa. These plans are therefore meant to check this trend and ensure that the company’ s products still remain as the most preferred in terms of quality (Hamel & Breen, 2007). ObjectivesThe objective of this plan is to facilitate an increase in sales of the company’ s products.

This is through looking at the various past operations of the company towards this goal ad relating it to the current situation. As such the main objectives include: -Customizing of the company’ s products to the customer needs-accessibility to products. -Ensuring the high quality of our company’ s products. -Dealing with the challenge of the protection of the employee turnover at the company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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