How to Make the Most Out of Your Online Lab Report Example

If you love science, then there is a good chance that you enjoy lab work. Whether it is a titration experiment for chemistry or a circuit set up for physics, there is no denying the allure of hands-on experience. Unfortunately, despite all the fun you have learned, you cannot escape the nightmare that is compiling write-ups.

One of the biggest challenges students face with these articles is figuring out how to structure their work. This is where lab report example college papers come in handy. There are hundreds of these online. So how do you choose the right one? And how do you get the most from these samples?

Don’t Know Where to Start? Here Is a Sample Lab Report Structure

There are numerous differences regarding structure and format from one sample lab report to another. Deciding which of them is the best can be a bit frustrating. To make your work easier for you, here is a lab report format example. It should be accepted no matter what science discipline you apply it to. To put things in perspective, a hypothetical experiment will be used to explain most of the sections.

  • Title

This part of the lab report gives the reader more information on the report at a glance. The single sentence could include a brief mention of the theory being proven or phenomenon being tested by the experiment. A sample lab report chemistry could have a title like “The effects of temperature and pressure on the speed of diffusion.” With such a heading, whoever is going through the paper knows exactly what lies ahead.

The title could also include details like your name as the author, the department name and lab group members.

  • Introduction

The introduction is a blanket term used to describe all the content that comes before the experiment description. You may come across a lab report introduction example that has the different parts separated while others have them all under one title.

The first part is the actual introduction and features in-depth information about the key theories being tested in the experiment. In our chemistry experiment example above, this section would include more information on what diffusion is and theories surrounding the phenomenon.

A good lab report abstract example will have the abstract separate from the introduction. The reason for this is the difference in the content covered in each subsection. The abstract focuses more on the potential impact that the experiment may have. However, having both sub-sections together is not a crime. 

Another key aspect of the introduction is a mention of the research available. Again, unlike thesis proposals, this does not need an entire section on its own.

  • Statement of objectives

Why are you carrying out the experiment? What exactly are you trying to achieve? The statement of objectives section is where these questions are raised. It serves as a guide to the rest of the experiment. It is therefore very important as you compile this list to ensure that your research process and findings help you achieve your goals.

  • Experiment review

This is yet another general section with multiple mini-titles under it. It is without a doubt the most important part of the whole lab report. You get to describe the entire procedure to show readers how you arrived at the subsequent conclusion. Something key to remember with this section is that you need to explain your steps in a very detailed manner. Think of it as your very own guide that the reader can use to replicate the experiment.

The first subtitle under this section covers the experiment requirements. This includes everything from equipment to chemicals reagents if any are needed. It is also important in this part to be clear about things like exact measurements of the reactants and calibration of the tools.

The second part of the experiment review section should cover the actual procedure. Here, you are expected to give a step-by-step account of the investigation.  

  • Compilation of findings

What did you find out from your studies? The findings section is the place for the answers to this very important question. A lab report results example for our hypothetical chemistry experiment could include information on how much faster or slower changes in temperature made particle diffusion.

With this part of the report, please note that no detail is too small. Describe everything from color and texture changes to quantity variations.

  • Discussion

The lab report discussion example for our diffusion experiment, in this case, would describe why the changes were observed. Here, you consolidate the information on different theories in the introduction with your findings in the results section. If the experiment turned out as expected, then make sure to state it. If it went against the theory, then you should also be able to explain the reason in this part of the report.

  • Conclusion

The conclusion is the part of the write-up where you summarize the entire experiment. Mention a bit of everything including the guiding principles, procedure, and findings. A good lab report conclusion example for our example would be explaining whether or not the objectives were met.

  • Recommendation

After the lab report conclusion sample, comes the recommendation segment. It might not apply to all reports, but it is a very important part of the article. Here, you get to use your findings and conclusions to propose changes to existent principles.

How Do You Know Your Formal Lab Report Example Is Worth It?

With so many different samples and examples out there, how do you know that what you are paying for is worth it? The best way to answer this question is by analyzing the quality of the write-up as a whole. If it meets the following criteria, then it is a great paper.

  • Initial objectives were met

Whether it is a chemistry lab report example college or one on genetics in biology, it is important that the objectives were met. You can easily gauge this by comparing the introduction section with the findings and conclusion segments.

  • The experiment description is thorough

Another distinguishing feature of a high-quality college or high school lab report example is meticulous detail in the description of the actual experiment. The rule is that it should be so clear that a non-expert in the field would be able to recreate the test accurately.

  • The conclusion matches the results

If the conclusion and discussion sections do not adequately explain the findings, then the example you are working with may not be the best quality out there. It could also be a sign of a major flaw in the experimental procedure. This would explain why the results are unexpected and incomprehensible.

  • Recommendations are relevant and accurate

A good formal lab report example should always be concluded with a recommendation. After all, the whole point of carrying out science experiments is to contribute to the field, isn’t it?

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