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abstractThis is a paper that is about the distribution of a big flat, which was initially owned for four owners. But within a span of four years there were incidences that reduced the four members to two, leaving two outsiders into the group. The paper is trying to find out the distribution of the shares among these two old and two new owners. The hurdles are analysed for the distribution of the property. introductionIn this paper the issue is about a big flat that has got four owners. In the time of distribution two of them were dead and two are alive.

The crux of the story is related to one trustee in bankruptcy and a boyfriend who has got a will regarding the context of being the owner of one of the shares of the big flat. The four parties at the time of distribution of the share consist s of Alice the elder sister, Elias the heir to dead Belinda, the second sister, Caroline, who has been accused of murdering her younger sister Diane and lastly the trustee in bankruptcy by dead Diane. Case descriptionThis is a case that has been placed, to get equal share regarding a property.

The case is under the direct ambience of land and property circulars. This is a case where four sisters win over a lottery and own a big flat in Chelsea, four year back. The four sisters were Alice, Belinda, Caroline and Diane. As the incident took place four years back the recent age of Alice, Belinda, Caroline and Diane are 26, 24, 22 and 21 respectively. As time passes by, there are many kinds of formalities come in their lives and there were many consequences that turns up their relationships.

This case is exclusively about the distribution of the big flat in Chelsea among them. However there are some twists that come in and the case turns upside down. The house was for all the four sisters and now it needs to be distributed. ElaborationAlice is the eldest of all the sisters and she is a very successful business woman. Most of the time she is on tour, and she is busy with her work.

The second sister is Belinda. She too is mostly into tours and hardly gets a chance to be in the house. Caroline and Diane are the last two sisters who are living in the house and are very much in possession of it. The third sister, that is Caroline, is a model and the fourth among them is a night club promoter in Chelsea. For both these sisters the flat in Chelsea is of great asset. However as the elder two are not having the chance of staying there they thought of having the monetary share of the flat.

Consequently Belinda talked with Caroline regarding this in an amount of £150,000, to which Caroline agrees to give £120,000. However before finalizing the deal Belinda goes off for a vacation with her boyfriend and meets an accident that takes off her life. In her will she declares all the rights over her property to her boyfriend Elias. Added to all this Diane was having drug problem and was badly into it. Her condition was so worse that one day, she was al into alcohol and drugs and had a severe fight with Caroline, and in the due course she dies by being hit by Caroline.

Caroline was arrested and the put to trial. Among all these incidences it is the trustee in bankruptcy by Diane and Elias, the boyfriend of Belinda wanted to know about their share.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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