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(Instructor)9th May 2009IntroductionMost major cities in the world are growing at an alarming rate hence there is need for the emergency services to grow as well. Therefore these major cities for example in the United Kingdom (UK), and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are expanding their Civil Defense and stations across the cities that can enable response to any emergency at any time. The UAE prefers using the United States of America standards in the national fire authority while the engineers is the same countries use the UK standards in the regulatory reform system and the fire rescue services (Act 2004) in delivering their services.

The UK adopts the regulatory reforms for fire safety order 2005. According to the UAE, Abu Dhabi civil defense control unit, the civil defense mission “ensures the protection of people and public and private, property, guarantees the normal functioning of communications and transport, and ensuring the continuity of social activities in public premises. It also establishes a means of confronting disaster and limitation of its results which includes systematic activities for prevention, planning, education, preparedness, response and handling of its consequences regardless the measure is taken before, during and after the said disaster. ”The current trends of wild fires, terrorism, industrial and even residential fire outbreaks requires that the civil defense unit develop a strategic plans that offers rescue operations that is able to implement best practices possible.

Consequently, they should set targets of achieving the best response time, develop an increased preparedness of fighting stations and also ensure that water projects are safe and running all the time in the cities. In addition, there is need to develop air rescue services and modern firefighting skills too the civil defense staff all over the stations.

This paper discusses critical case study of issues related to the civil defense services in the United Arab Emirate (Abu Dhabi) and the United Kingdom (UK). The fire and rescue service is the only organized group of citizens situated in-line with the communities throughout the nation trained and equipped to counter the disasters. They respond to all hazards ranging from earthquakes, tornadoes and floods to acts of terrorism, hazardous materials, fires and medical emergencies.

The fire and rescue services department are placed under different legislative and administrative in the United Kingdom. Devolution of the central government powers has brought about changes and legislation in the wake of terrorist attacks. The fire and safety rules and regulations are delivered through the fire safety order of 2005. The guiding force to these legislations the safety factors in the business, community and industrial premises. It continue stating that there ought to be a competent personnel to execute the fire risk assessment, implement the appropriate fire precautions and observe fire protection measures while observing fire management plans. Through the fire rescue authorities, they have the constitutional responsibility to enforce the necessities of the fire legislation and this is achieved by frequent visits and inspections of the fire facilities alongside the rescue services. Fire and rescue service has a mandate to educate the community at large by helping them and advising about the fire safety issues, fitting free alarms systems, providing educational materials like DVDs and frequent home safety checks.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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