Essays on Leadership Development Assignment

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Leadership Development IntroductionLeadership is involves provision of direction to a group of individuals and application of skills and professionalism is appropriate. Self-assessment by mangers of leaders at any level of the organization develops self-awareness and helps leaders to identify points of weakness and strength. This enables the leaders to maximize on their strengths and implement corrective measures on the weaker points. Part 2: Awareness and Assessment: Using Leader Self-Insights Table for leaders self-insight results Number and title of leader self-insight Numerical scores and/or other outcome measures (either qualitative or quantitative as required)1.1 Learning styles using multiple intelligence: Interpersonal intelligence Logical mathematical= 8Verbal linguistic = 10Interpersonal = 13Musical = 31.2 Leadership potential: have qualified qualities of a potential leader Mostly True (even-numbered questions) = 2 Mostly True (odd-numbered questions) = 5Rate Self-Confidence- High confidence Total score = 10.0Count of mostly true: People’s skills 1,7,9,10 =Count of mostly false: 2,3,4,5,6,8 =10.3 How do I handle team conflict: Compromising?

Efficient team management Total score = Mostly true: compromising = Items 4, 7, 11) =Score for Competing (Items 2, 4, 15) = Score for Avoiding (Items 1, 5, 9) = Score for Compromising (Items 4, 7, 11) = Score for Accommodating (Items 8, 12, 13) = 7.1 The Power of Followership: Middle engagement and independent thinking. Independent Thinking: High, Middling, or Low? Active Engagement: High, Middling, or Low?  Followership Style = Score for Independent Thinking (Count of Mostly True, items 1, 4, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16) =Score for Active Engagement (Count of Mostly True items 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13) = 1.1 Using multiple intelligence The first stage of the leadership self-insight is the multiple intelligence quality.

From the results, am averagely good at solving problems which are logical mathematical (observing rationality and logical), as they are very complex and it takes more time for me to solve those complex problems, I am excellent at verbal/linguistic (words and language) since i am really good in English Language and don’t find any difficulty in reading and writing it in a proper sentence and also I use the proper grammar and sentence structure, . However listening to musical (sounds, tonal patterns, and rhythms) not something I like since whenever I hear the whole music, identify the sounds, tone, patterns, and rhythms properly and sing the song that I just heard appropriately becomes hard.

1.2 Leadership Potential As the chief executive officer of the corporation and leadership potential I have qualified qualities of a potential leader. I have got management qualities because as an executive and leader, efficiency and productivity through coordination of various departments is my main policy and I can operate myself as an effectively as a leader and influence the leadership quality to perform well by leading my followers. 2.1 Rate of self-confidence As a leader, I have a rating of high self-confidence since after working as head of two departments before my current post.

The experience and skills through training assure me of a good leadership personality and effective application of skills. 10.3 How do I handle tea conflict? I choose compromising technique in resolving issues that arise within the team since as a leader I have come to understand that conflicts vary in nature and a team is made up of different people who possess different personalities that need to be accepted and adjusted to suit team interests.

I have acquired skills on conflict resolution and team management for the same purpose of understanding the needs of organizational teams. 7.1 The Power of FollowershipAs a leader, I am Middle or average independent thinker and rating for engagement is middle score. Experience as a leader has given me an understanding of the importance of balanced thinking between independent and dependent thinking. Engagement is also a leadership skill I have acquired through training. I prefer middle engagement to low or high engagement.

Part 3: Integration and Extension: Personalized Leadership Approach & Development PlanPersonal modelBeing a leader calls for developing one’s own model for improving skills so as to attain effectiveness in leadership (McHugh, 2009). My personal model as a leader is “motivation plus fourteen P’s” (personality, persuasive, persistence, patience, probity, praise giving, positive orientation, people based, possible, practical, progressive, and power building)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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