Essays on Steve Jobs and the Impact of His Leadership Essay

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The paper "Steve Jobs and the Impact of His Leadership" is an outstanding example of an essay on business. Steve Jobs’ leadership left an indelible mark on the world. This is evident  in the way he went about his duties, the achievements he made and the lessons that can be learned from all these.   To the person he worked with, he demanded excellence and he expressed constructive criticism quite boldly. Jobs taught leaders how to combine ability and ingenuity in articulating a vision and mobilizing employees, customers, and investors towards the achievement of organizational goals.

Performance of $352 billion in 2011 in terms of company profits up from $5 billion in 2000 highlighted the power of visionary leadership. It is this kind of performance that challenged many organizations to struggle to improve their performance and be named among the biggest publicly listed companies in the United States with the likes of Apple. He impacted the world by teaching his counterpart leaders the need to take a futuristic perception to the efforts of growing and developing a business. Jobs utilized his career setbacks to demonstrate to the world that every opportunity can be exploited and turned into a great moment.

In the time he spent away from Apple, Jobs was able to take Pixar from the small animation house it was to an industry leader that did exploit such as producing the renowned film, Toy Story. Starting the NeXT Company that was later bought by Apple was another way in which Jobs spent his time during the time away from Apple. On another level, the Jobs approach to leadership incorporated the control of the big and little matters in an organization.

This attention to detail made him reject two prototypes of the iPhone before accepting the third one. Jobs taught the world an unforgettable lesson on the importance of accountability. While as the leader of Apple, he convened weekly meetings with Apple executives to discuss the tone of a week by focusing on the products that were under development. Despite coming across as a demanding leader, Steve Jobs ensured that he advocated for his vision effectively. Another impact of Jobs’ leadership is the importance of communication in an organization.

This could be one of the factors in the low employee turnover registered at Apple during Jobs’ tenure. Risk-taking was a characteristic of Jobs’ leadership and one that had an important impact on the world. More important though, Jobs taught the corporate world that risks have to be faced with facts and tenacity. Jobs left a legacy of being careful and methodical in grooming one’ s successor. The chief executive officer who took after Jobs was taken through thorough preparation since his entry into Apple in 1998.

Jobs kept him close in all the projects he organized in order to equip him with the skills he needed to take Apple to the heights that the company was supposed to rise to even in Jobs’ absence. In an interview with the media, Steve Jobs remarked that if he was run over by a vehicle Apple would continue. He remarked profoundly that it was his work to prepare the whole executive team to be successors. Jobs will be credited for the reason why many top managers of different companies are engaging in continuous talent assessment looking for high potential individuals.

In conclusion, Jobs carried out his duties expeditiously. His achievements were momentous even in his career setbacks.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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