Essays on Leadership "Part 2" Essay

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Leadership skillsThrough the assistance of others to accomplish a certain chore, leadership demands for certain skills. Honesty/ IntegrityLeaders are the base entity of the organization. For essential leadership one has to be honest. Such leaders should bare trust, dignity and respect which would facilitate their execution of tasks. The organization under such would have smooth flow of events. The leader should in turn bare the cross of the organization through accepting mistakes, maintain high ethical standards and does not claim credit. This involves the leader to be truthful to his/her employees.

The organization views him as transparent; through this he is able to establish confidence among them. This strengthens the organization by ensuring that there is someone to turn to incase of any eventuality. In recent past leaders have shown high levels in not being credible. It is thus unethical to be selfish though it cannot be eliminated fully. Integrity is the most held dear quality of a leader. Ethics crowns honesty, truthfulness, integrity, fairness, prudence and respect. Ethics hence shape up leaders into well credited and mentor leaders in society.

A good ethical standard is recipe to running of a successful organization. In the past corruption and unethical behavior dominated businesses because of the mammoth profits it resulted into. The collapse of Doctom (2000) led to accusations of various banks for rigging doctom stocks’ floatation and benefiting the investors. Companies involved include: First Boston, Quattrone, CFSB, Bear Stearns, Morgan Stanley and Solomon smith. The entire American democratic process and media was soiled by unethical behavior which saw the benefit of corrupt lobby groups. The credibility of such leaders is therefore not compromised.

Leaders ought to show great level of credibility for relevant future. Apart from the doctom case there is also the collapse of Eron accounting and consulting firm dubbed Arthur Daley which was found shredding vital documents. This case involved several employees i. e. auditors and other principal players received heavy jail sentences. The credibility of such leaders is lowered with common clients to the firm scampering for fear of major setbacks. The collapse of such firms leads to diminished investor confidence this leads to firing of innocent employees and large loss of business capital (Kouzes & Posner, 2007).

The dark sideLeadership which is unethical to the society exhibits instances of toxic leadership skills. Toxic leadership is characterized by fraud, corruption racism and nepotism. The benefits of such leadership are enormous but are short lived with heavy penalties accorded to them. In today’s world such leadership faces more challenges due to measures that have been to place to counter such. Leadership skills if natured well and used toward the targeted firm would impact tremendous results. Hence a leader should in this event practice good ethics which he learns from others and through life long experience.

A leader should therefore have the self-awareness for the development of his leadership skills. Inspirational/motivationalLeadership requires the will to energize others to perform their tasks as required. A motivational leader thus is characteristic of having perceptual ability, presence and preparation ability. These are hence vested upon knowledge, skill, commitment, effective communication ideas, and the energy to move or influence.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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