Essays on Location, Marketing & Empowerment For Hospitality Operations And Management Assignment

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Hospitality Operations and ManagementIntroductionHospitality is the connection between a visitor and his or her host. Hosts who are hospitable kindly show care and compassion to their guests. The facilities in the hospitality industry includes: hotels, restaurants, casinos, and membership clubs among others. Hotels are the commonly used as they offer services extra from what the other facilities offer therefore most of the travelers find them more comfortable. These facilities offer basic needs for the travelers or tourists like food, shelter, and safety. They act as their homes away from home and for a short period of time.

There are so many things that people should put into consideration when putting up a hotel to ensure comfortability of the guests. The major ones include location and management then after the hotel is put up other considerations like marketing will come in. The paper explores how location and marketing or the relationship between them can affect hospitality operations and management (Sommerville, 2007). LocationA hotel is a building, so it is not flexible in terms of its movement. If it has to move it means that a new building has to be constructed but not moving the old.

Thus the site of the hostel should be the key factor to think about even before design and construction. Location gives the insight of all what to include and has an important effects on the targeted market. For example nearness to an attraction site where people will tour hence needing accommodation or big business premises to offer board rooms. The building should also be located on a firm ground not a swampy one so as to last for long (Jack, 2000). The first thing that people will consider when choosing a place to stay is safety, which is the security of the environment.

As mentioned earlier, a hotel should be like a home away from home and nobody can agree to reside in an insecure home. The hotel should be sited where the guests can be guaranteed security for both their life and property. Insecurity may bring a loss to the management where it is forced to compensate for lost items or pay for body injury (Drummond & Ensor 2005).

Location also helps the management should know the type of guests to target and their requirements, for example, if to hotel is near a learning institution the targeted guests should be learners. This makes it easier for the management to know what to provide for the comfort of their guests. For instance, learners may expect a cool and quiet place but others like the tourists may need some entertainment (Axler, 1976). The management should be aware and always updated on what goes on in the surrounding of the hotel.

This helps them to update their status or change them completely. For example, if a tourists attraction site which was bringing them guests is abolished or a new site is available the, location of the hotel should either be changed or its services improved to suit the needs of the new guests (Crane 2000).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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