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The paper "Australian Logistics Activities" is a wonderful example of a report on management. Logistics management is a cross-subject of management, engineering, economics and science. In the past, people did not know about logistics management (Wood and James, 1996). It is evident that the managers were not aware of economic theories and technology as well as economics was not aware of management. In the contemporary world, however, logistics management is evident in both the national as well as the international environments (Wood and James, 1996). In addition in the present times, efficient warehouses, online and in-store retailing centres as well as distribution centres in the heart of logistics, and provide control, efficiency and velocity for goods moving through the system (Wood and James, 1996).

Recent studies indicate that logistics management has continued to grow tremendously especially due to the trend of the economy; the general trend toward outsourcing and the previously unprecedented growth of e-commerce (Wood and James, 1996). The term logistics management has been defined differently by different scholars (Wood and James, 1996). However, in recent studies, the term has been used to refer to the governance of the supply chain functions (Wood and James, 1996).

Typically, logistics management activities include the inbound as well as the outbound transportation management, warehousing, order fulfilment, fleet management, supply and demand planning, materials handling, management of third-party logistics service providers, logistics network design and inventory management (Wood and James, 1996). To some degree, it also includes such functions as customer service, packaging and assembly, production planning as well as scheduling and sourcing as well as management. Logistics management is a part of the stages of execution and planning.

These stages include strategic, tactical as well as operational (Wood and James, 1996). Moreover, a fundamental function coordinates all the activities of logistics and integrates these activities with other functions such as sales manufacturing, marketing, information technology as well as finance (Wood and James, 1996).


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