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The paper "Marketing Part Of Strategic Enterprise" is a perfect example of a Marketing Research Paper. The second-hand car selling business in Ballarat, Australia is quite unique in the market since it provides quality second-hand cars which are well maintained, accident-free and with mileage that ranges from 6,000-12,000 for a period of 2-3 years that the car has been operational, refurbished ones will be sourced directly from the manufacturers in Germany and Japan. Moreover, the cars will be relatively affordable, since they cost below the market price of other competitors in this industry (Deza, & Ló pez, 2014).

The business should offer aftersales services to customers on purchases made as well as other car-related issues. Thus, the free services should range from 80-day money back guarantee on cars bought, consultation services on the best and fuel efficient models, car maintenance and car spare parts shopping. On the other hand, the business will also stand out from other competitors due to the after sale services that it provides for the clients. In this case, this venture should offer free driving lessons for clients who have not taken up driving lessons.

Offering car servicing for the purchased vehicles from the motor yard will ensure that the sold cars are ready to be used right after being purchased. The second hand car business will offer partial payment method to customers at 55% deposits that will be quite convenient for the local customers in Ballarat. Customers Customer demographics The customers to be targeted are the individuals from the upper and lower middle class who are in need of a car but are under a limited budget in Ballarat. This target group entails both men and women whose lifestyle is not quite expensive and they are willing to part with a certain limited amount of money for a moderate car that they can use as a means of transport (Deza, & Ló pez, 2014).

This target group also prefers a car that is economical to maintain and its overall expenses do not scale too high. In this case, this target group prefers an efficient car that serves the main purpose of moving them from one place to another as opposed to a luxurious car which would require relatively a lot of money for maintenance (Plank, 2012).

On the other hand, this target group highly prefers value for their money considering that they are under a tight budget. Moreover, the needs of this target group are not quite luxurious rather they are focused on going for the cheapest but valuable option when meeting their needs and this presents an opportunity for the second-hand car business in Ballarat. Also, the target group would entail individuals with an income that is below AUD 30,000.These are individuals whose income earning is not quite substantial, however, they would be open to welcome the thought of owning a car through a mode of payment that does not hinder their ability to make similar purchases. Key customers The business’ key customers are the working class and businessmen and women whose profession puts them on a strict schedule therefore, cannot over-rely on the public transports.

These individuals are often inclined to look for their own means of transport which will be suited to their tight work schedule. Parents from the upper-middle class who intend to purchase a sustainable car which is relatively cheaper for their children will also form part of the key customers (ABS, 2010).

These particular key customers mostly go for second-hand cars since they are less costly, not quite luxurious but guarantee a certain level of performance and efficiency. They target these key customers by being more vigilant in their advertising where they will embrace social media and other forms of advertisement to put the word out there within these key customers’ reach. Further schools will be targeted, as some students would like to be bought for cars that they can use in their daily routines.

Their key customers, also involve individuals with small families but with a limited amount of income. Thus, they cannot overspend in buying expensive cars. Hence, their budget containment allows them to go for second-hand cars which are not expensive. In addition, these individuals go for economical cars that have the guarantee to last for a longer period and those that their expenses are on the lower side.


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