Essays on Options for an Agency to Assist the University to Recruit Foreign Students Research Paper

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Executive Summary The recruitment agency offers recruitment services to universities in the United Kingdom and other institutions of higher learning which are serious about recruiting foreign students but have limited time and resources. The Agency intends to capitalize on the success of this industry by taking advantage of the excellent reputation of the UK education system. The agency will also optimize the recruitment of the international students, arrange for the details that will enable the institution to meet its goals, and above all create a pervasive presence for the university globally. Our sole mission is to develop comprehensive performance data analysis tools to Universities and other institutions of higher education that, enable them best improve the quality and standards of education, and also assist the foreign students in the selection of the right institution which suits their needs well by offering a platform for the British institutions of higher learning to meet face to face with the foreign students aspiring to study in the UK. The agency will make the recruitment: more efficient by prioritizing the universities’ appointments in meeting the right students, more convenient by arranging the details, audience, interpreters, and transportation.

The recruitment will also be made more professional through concentration of what the institutions of higher learning do best with the support of our teams and above all the recruitment process will be more cost-effective. This will be achieved through e-marketing that will ensure the universities are well-connected ant promoted globally all around the year around the clock. Through a joint initiative with the UK government, the Recruitment agency will engage in activities aimed at creating awareness and promoting education in the UK.

Our team of professionals will organize and coordinate career fairs and recruitment events to help the universities secure the best talents and capable foreign students. The team will also focus on proactive publicity campaigns which will be aimed at combating the fears that are rapidly growing that the United Kingdom is not welcoming the foreign students especially from many parts of Africa. The agency personnel will also help the international students to navigate easily through the UK visa process which usually presents an imminent barrier for some foreign students especially those whose native countries are non- English speaking. The recruitment service industry represents one of the fastest-growing sectors of the UK’ s national economy.

These services are projected to grow at an average rate of 3.7 percent by the year 2015 (Jobbins, 2). Modern technology will be applied in creating and maintaining an online database that will contain information about various programs offered by the universities and the details of the students aspiring to study in foreign countries. Each year, the agency’ s language centers will be expected to attract thousands of international students and counseling agencies.

Familiarization tours will be organized in various countries in order to create awareness and promote UK universities abroad. Furthermore, the agency will conduct international recruitment tours to key countries such as China, Japan, United States, Korea, South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Vietnam, Turkey, Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates among others. These tours will provide an opportunity for meeting affiliated counseling agencies and promote the university. The recruitment tours will be conducted on a fee basis and restricted only to universities that are members or partners of the agency.


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