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TASK 1IntroductionPersonnel management is an organizational discipline of recruiting and developing workers so that they can become more useful in an organization. Personnel management is usually administrative in nature. Human resource on contrary is accountable for controlling a workforce as one of the main resources that contributes to development of an organization. It is a duty of human resource department to know how workforce can be managed to bring about enhanced productivity and profitability in an organization. In coca cola Company, high productivity and profitability is normally experienced due to flexibility (Rainey 2009).

Flexibility at workFlexibility at work refers to how quick a system and labor process restructuring can be changed in order to enhance versatility in design and greater adaptability of modern technology in production. It is either essential requirement to stay in the international market or a way by which the employees’ rights are violated. According to Rainey (2009), organizations should get to the grips with flexibility, not only in addressing the problems facing the business and coping up with legal regulations, but also in reacting to work force’s diversity and labor market tightness.

Flexibility displays how flexibility’s benefits of a business can be attained via an approach that addresses the requirements of a worker and the organization (Taylor, 2005). Labor market trends and flexibilityTaylor (2005), observes that the current and forecasted labor market trends are characterized by enhanced polarization and segmentation among many nations and in national labor markets. Unemployment in many European nations is projected to exceed that of North America rate by big margins. Nations with high unemployment are likely to experience constant increase while nations with comparatively low unemployment rate are likely to decline further.

Long-duration unemployment and excess of youth over the entire unemployment rates are more serious in nations with high unemployment rate (Pulignano & Stewart, 2008). Pulignano and Stewart (2008) argue that optimal level of labor market flexibility usually changes when unforeseen demand or supply shocks happen, thus upsetting expectations’ framework included in the long-term task arrangements. In understanding labor market flexibility it is important to consider four aspects, which include labor mobility, real labor cost flexibility, adaptability of virtual labor costs across enterprises and occupations and flexibility of work schedules and work time.

Model of flexibilityA model of developing flexibility in the place of work is the flexible model of the firm. The flexile model of the firm advocates the operation of various employment systems for various section of firm’s workforce. Flexible firm model displays how firms can reduce costs for recruitment and become more receptive to changes in technology and markets through rearranging their systems for recruitment. This normally assists firms to attain a combination of financial, functional and numerical flexibility.

Numerical flexibility refers to ability of a firm to change labor input so that it fluctuate with output through the use of non-standard employment contracts that are designed to attain flexibility via outsourcing and undermining of employment relationship’s permanency (Romer, 2011). According to Romer (2011), financial flexibility refers to flexibility of a firm to change employment costs so as to reflect the state of demand and supply in international labor market. In coca cola Company, this is usually displayed by moving away from consistent and standardized pay structures towards more personalized systems that consist of huge element of variability.

Functional flexibility refers to ability of a firm to deploy workers among activities and tasks so as to equate changes in workloads, production methods or technology. It is always loosely related with multi-skilling. Functional flexibility is highly applicable in coca Cola Company since workers in the company are always easily deployed to areas that have staff shortage. Skilled workers in Coca Cola Company are always able to move from one department to another.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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