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http: //www. soschildrensvillages. org. uk/SOS is the leading charity operating in the United Kingdom. It is working for the betterment of children on all fronts of the society. The main purpose of this charity, however, is to support the orphans in the country. The charity is operating in around 124 countries and has established around 500 children villages providing excellent childcare facilities to orphans with the help of bountiful donors. The mission statement of this charity is to become “World’s largest children charity”. Keeping this mind the charity has worked really hard and is now recognised as one of the most respected charitable organisation all over the world.

In order to become the biggest children charity, the scale of operations of this charity are not limited to the UK, but around 124 other countries are also well served by this chartiy. I have chosen to support this charity because they are in immediate need of funds due to the recent Haiti Earthquake. There are a lot of children who are orphaned as an earthquake hit Haiti, measuring 7.0 on richter scale. This charity, therefore, is in immediate need of funds and therefore, I decided to support them by making a money management investment plan for them. The charity sector in the UK is very competitive where organisations are competing with each other to attract donors towards their charities.

The nation of United Kingdom is also very benolevent and helping towards those in needs. UK’s charities incomerose around 33% from the year 1995. There has been a exponential growth ever since. The charity sector is also known as the voluntary sector, the voluntary and community sector (VCS) and the third sector and it exists between the private and public sectors.

The charity industry continues to grow significantly; there has been a 26% increase in the amount of employees over the last decade. It also has a third of degree holders which is a higher proportion than both the public and the private sectors. The charity sector’s income is just under £28billion and just over a third of this comes from statutory sources. (The UK Voluntary Sector Almanac, National Council for Voluntary Organizations (NCVO))The business model that I plan to follow for this charity is the same plan that was used after Tsunami.

We will held a concert in the UK’s Wembley stadium which can hold upto around 70,000 people. This event will be advertised through national newspaper through out the UK. The unique sellpoint for our event will be that we are doing it for children. The main motive of our plan will be “Let’s Sing for Children”. This is to let people know, they will not only be enjoying a day in the concert, but by doing that they will be helping poor and orphan children of Haiti.

This is also invoke in people, the spirit of helping other and donating for those in need. Another important business step will be mass scale advertising that needs to be done. We acknowledge the this need for the success of the business and we will craft a subtle strategy to enhace our consumer disposition funnel to make sure that maximum number of people are aware of the event and most them also attend the event. We are going to use shotgun approach of advertising that is advertising through TVs and Radios.

Although, this will be expensive, but it is going to be vital for the success of the business. In order to provide the funds for the advertising cost we are going to run down our past reserves as no interest will have to be paid on this source of finance and will be very beneficial for SOS Children Village.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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