Essays on Management of Information within an Organization Research Paper

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The paper "Management of Information within an Organization" is an excellent example of a research paper on management. This research paper aims at helping the company managers to explore the management of information within an organization and particularly its objectives and learning outcomes expected from this study of a portfolio is to be able to demonstrate competence in the management of varying methods that are used in collection and analysis of research and the underpinning rationale for their application. Another objective is to be able to manage the synthesis of information and/or data by the use of appropriate procedures and technologies, while at the same time being able to appreciate and comprehend the role of information systems in the maintenance of accurate and secure information for the modern organizational environment.

This paper also would enable business managers to demonstrate practical skills in utilizing a wide range of IT tools for dissemination, analysis, and presentation of data and information. TASK 1/PART A-MANAGEMENT OF INFORMATION Scenario 5: Promotions/Events You are managing a small independent promotions organization based in a suburb of Birmingham. You provide and promote a wide range of events and conferences across the city making use of a range of different venues which you can book as necessary.

The company produces a series of themed brochures and publicity material, operates a web site for the benefit of customers and takes bookings through the Internet and by telephone. The events you promote cover a sphere of activities from drama and music to sport and specialist conferences. You have three members of staff working for you in the office and a telesales team. You, as a manager, have overall responsibility for the IT systems within the organization. PORTFOLIO 1-FIND THE BEST CUSTOMERS Search for the company’ s best customers.

You will use this to identify customers to contact with special offers. Selecting appropriate fields to make this a user query, find all the previous customers (yes in criteria) who have also paid their balance. Sort the query by surname. Save the query with an appropriate name including your name and print it. Put it in your portfolio. Close the query. Remember that the assignment task also requires you to explain the business reason for your query, the search criteria you used, and your reason for selecting the query the specific fields and an explanation of how this function helps your business to be more efficient. PORTFOLIO 2-USING TWO TABLES IN THE SAME DATABASE IN ORDER TO USE COMBINED DATA You are now going to import another table into your database.

This table contains a selection of events. By storing the two sets of data in one database, you can use them together to show combined information: for example the customer details, their chosen event, and cost. In order to link the two tables so that you can achieve this flexibility, each record in the event table must have a unique reference number, this is also displayed in the customer table, thus identifying which event the customer has chosen.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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