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The paper “ Is the Digital Marketing Strategy Effective in Enhancing the Competitiveness of a Business Firm? ” is a brilliant version of a research paper on marketing. The transition from the traditional economy to the digital economy is said to be happening in a more dynamic way. The world economy, in general, has staged a marketing platform that allows the application of ever-advancing technology. The growth in marketing strategies in such countries like the United States and Britain has made such countries facilitate the exponential growth of their firms as well as their expansion beyond their country borders.

This has made most of the developed countries to explore foreign markets thereby staging a global competition of the firms in different markets. Such firms are said to deploy a fundamental marketing strategy that embraces the current technology as well as the desires and interests of the immediate market. With the current performing organizations, digital marketing strategy is said to have been on the forefront fighting for again in terms of the competitive advantage that can help firms to stand the competitive pressure in various markets around the world.

Australia is one of the global platforms that have received more than enough foreign investments with local firms almost finding no place. However, this is not impressive as most firms are still struggling to deploy realistic strategies that can put them back on the track. Alternatives are available but the most outstanding one is the digital marketing strategy. IntroductionThe persistent competitive pressure in the Australian markets seems to compel many firms to look for possible and accessible strategies with the intention of surviving in the business environment.

Most of the countries, like the USA, that have anchored their business operations in this region have majored in digitization as the pragmatic ground for business growth as well as the absolute platform where firms gain a competitive advantage over the rest. Given the fact that digitization forms the focal point that entices quality, local firms are expected to as well appreciate the wonderfulness of technology hence embrace the digital marketing strategy. Preliminarily, a digital marketing strategy can be defined as an outstanding undertaking that focuses on reaching audiences, building deep customer relations as well as influence the entire digital path to purchase.

Based on this, this paper comes to investigate the digital marketing strategy as a proposed solution to boosting the popularity of Australian brands on the global commercial scene. This is because Australian firms continue to perpetuate marketing styles and strategies that are to a large extent traditional and do not help them permeate the global market (Smith 2012, p. 92). The firms only afford a marginalized presence in regional business and are hardly known internationally. The paper will suggest that digital marketing as one of the vital modern strategies that can help Australian firms command a larger share of the global market and popularize its brand than if the current traditional strategies were sustained. Research QuestionsThe need to develop the most appropriate project and the most reliable platform that borrows much from the digital marketing strategy strongly suggests answering the following questions. Is the digital marketing strategy effective in enhancing the competitiveness of a business firm? Can digital marketing be efficiently applied in the context of Australia to enhance the popularity of Australian brands? Are there factors emanating from contextual considerations of Australia that impede the effective application of digital marketing strategy? Can digital marketing boost brand popularity and improve sales for Australian firms?


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