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The paper "Marketing Strategy and Mission" is a great example of a Marketing Research Paper. A strategy is a focus. The focus of the company is on a specific area of event management in Portland Comic-con events. The company is a strong event management organization that has been able to meet such demands in the past. We are true experts in event organization through the introduction of new and creative activities annually in the Portland Comic-con events. The company will focus on a global scale geographically but mainly in the countries that have been participating in the events annually and it will be segmented based on demographic aspects such as age, gender, and incomes.

The market will also be segmented in other perspectives such as psychographic segmentation psychological and behavioral descriptions of the market, they include lifestyle, social class and personality and behavior segmentation where customers are segmented into groups based on their knowledge, attitudes, uses or responses to a service. Behavioral segmentation emphasizes on event occasion, the enjoyment that the customer needs, readiness of the services and the loyalty of the services by customers. The target market for event organization marketing will be people of all age young and old people. Portland Company offers high-quality event organization services for comic con festivals and parades.

The company organizes for extraordinary events that enable people to display their talents and generate innovative ideas. The parade involves organizing for talents shows, Halloween and tattoo exhibitions, cultural events parades and other events that require exhibitions. The purpose of doing this is to fetch the company higher profits and to also satisfy the customer demands considering the unique events showcased by the company.

The company has implemented a unique system of developing a timetable for twelve months whereby each month has a range of events to be accomplished. Customers must know that engaging with Portland Company is a more professional, risk-free way of getting into comic festivals with high-quality services. Portland must also be able to get more customers for the upcoming festival events and also maintain the current customers annually. We focus on the development of the customer markets globally or regional clients in the market. Marketing objectives Portland Company needs to increase sales and therefore generate enough profits so as to expand the business globally.

Attracting more participants in the festivals to be organized. To create awareness of the service and products offered and attract more customers. This will be done the marketing campaigns that will attract new customers through strategies that will be set out. To boost the image of the company that will result in recognition globally, it will be done by ensuring quality products, an exhibition through festival parade enables the company to maintain its reputation, and this will.

Winning the trust of customers by providing them what they want at the exact time and place will prolong the sales during the events enhancing the customer loyalty Financial objectives The financial objectives for the company are as follows: Increase sales by $ $ 350,000 in the next year and $ 400,000 in the subsequent year. Gain a gross margin higher than 85 percent. Net income of more than 10 percent of sales by the third year/ The target market for Comic-Con Festival Parade


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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