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Task (Marketing 3510-01: Buyer Behavior) Individual Behavior Change: Daily Record, Weekly Online Reflections, & Paper Introduction The target behavior that I tried to do was to lose weight. My selection of this behavior was because of eating junk foods that increased my weight hence developing knee and back problems. Currently, i am 130 pounds and my doctor revealed that I have to cut short of the increased weight. The aim of this essay is to provide a progressive behavior change in losing weight for eight successive weeks. Week 2 involves initial efforts on the weight loss and why such efforts.

The essay has eight paragraphs each outlining reflection made on behavior changes. Individual behavior change in week 2 The healthy eating that I had accustomed back home changed after admission in the college to junk foods. Now, one and half years down the line, I struggle with many weights. The weight caused knee and back problems. In my race to arrest the situation, I decided to eliminate the junk foods from my daily diet and replace with other healthy based options while at the same time maintaining daily physical exercises. Individual behavior change in week 3 To meet the above lose weight objective, I came up with daily goals of reducing my calories to a maximum level of 2500 calories.

This means that I reduce the calories from 3000 to 2500 without exercises. In this case, I had to abort some of the meals that led to losing 2 pounds each week. The weekly goal was attained through information collected in the internet on how an individual can reduce weight through calories’ loss. Individual behavior change in week 4 In week four, I made a list of all my hobbies such as watching TV after school and going to visit friends.

The hobbies were made to encourage me stick to a timely diet therefore sticking to my target of behavior change in losing weight. As a result, I ended up eating healthy and reducing the daily caloric intake. If I fail to meet the target, I forced myself not to hang out with the friends until fulfilled. Individual behavior change in week 5 In this week, I decided to engage myself in sports.

Therefore, I registered in the football and athlete associations. I trained with my fellow mates every evening before taking a shower and relax. In the process, my back and knee problems seized and therefore attained my target. On checking my weight, I found I have lost over 150 calories in a week’s time (McGraw, 2003). Individual behavior change in week 6 The resultant effects of third fourth and fifth week activities led me to gradually change my junk food consuming habit to healthy eating lifestyle. I could afford to cook for myself, buy and eat fruits, take fruit juices, and to rely on homemade food.

Essentially, my friends changed me a lot because we spend a lot of time training together and therefore cooked food in our hostels as a group. Individual behavior change in week 7 In order to make my weight loss plan more successful, I applied and registered for a gymnasium-based membership where I can adequately train and ensure my goal of weight loss materializes. This will substantiate my daily light-based exercises that is highly linked few jumps and stretches.

However, there are financial constraints and time allocation factors. This will hamper me achieve my dream of weight loss in shortest time possible. Individual behavior change in week 8 In this week, I visited my doctor so that I can be tested on how am progressing. The outcome revealed that am doing great. The doctor tested the calories and therefore found out that I have attained 2500 calories. This was commendable given that back and knee problems were no longer my problem. Individual behavior change in week 9 In this week, I relaxed and monitored my behavioral change effects.

I monitored the actions that I had taken such as physical exercises. In the same time, I ensured that I maintain healthy meals and adequate water intake. Summary An analysis of the effect of your change The behavioral changes involved weight loss, which had resulted from eating junk food in the campus. The junk foods results to increased weight and therefore led to knee and back problem. This means that I had to stop the habit, which was hard to contain. However, I had to change it for betterment of my health.

Essentially, I had to reduce my caloric intake that led to weight loss by 2 pound per week. This was couple by changing the time frame, force myself to eat homemade food, visit my friends only if I have done exercises and taking limited numbers of meals per day(McGraw, 2003). . In addition to that, I made a list of my hobbies that helped healthy feeding habit and me to stick to correct. This was further achieved after attaining my weekly goal. In order to be my goal achieving forever, I enrolled for a gymnasium where I could go and have a minute exercises after classes. Discuss the significance of your change Essentially, the aim of the change was to cut short of junk food consumption, lose weight and eventually eat and stay healthy.

The high weight problem had started to cause me knee and back problem. This was a clear reflection that I was about to suffer from a certain disease and hence be admitted in hospital and some of the diseases are high blood pressure among others.

The change has transformed my life to eat homemade food as I used to do before joining the college. In addition to that, I have made friends and therefore this can help me in future. In addition to that, the behavioral change can be used as a lesson to teach others the need to lose weight and going to gym. Moreover, the changes will safe me from other dangerous activities, which I could have indulged in such as alcoholism hence eventually wasting many cash (McGraw, 2003). Identify the marketing methods to effect widespread behavior change The best marketing methods to effect behavioral changes such as weight loss is through posters, advertisement and seminars.

The youth and even families need to convene in seminars and training workshop so that they can be taught the need to avoid junk food, eating and living healthy lifestyles. Essentially, posters can also work in marketing some of the procedures used in weight loss. Barriers/challenges you encountered There are several challenges encountered in the race to lose weight. First, it was hard to comply with the new body changes.

There was a lot of muscle pull and pain due to exercises. In addition to that, I got tired easily hence forced to sit on some occasion to re-energize. Moreover, it was costly, to finance the gymnasium so I choose to abort some of the training activities. Conclusion There is need to reduce weight loss. My target behavioral change was to ensure that I avoid junk foods that caused me knee and body problem. The physical exercises such as stretches and football contributed a lot in ensuring that I realize my weight loss objective.

However, several changes as cited above were found to reduce my effort. Works Cited McGraw, Phillip C. The Ultimate Weight Solution: The 7 Keys to Weight Loss Freedom. New York: Free Press, 2003. Print.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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