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MARKETING ACTION PROGRAMS Marketing Action Programs Action Program Television advertisement This is a form of non-personal communication that is the most effective tool when introducing a new product into the market (Westwood, 2010). It will be done by airing on television, an advertisement about the risks of poor hand washing habits will air on television from 7pm to 9pm when most people have come back from work and are watching the news at home. These advertisements will be done by the head of marketing from the company. He will sit through a five minute interview with the host of the local broadcasting networks and talk about hand washing.

This promotional activity will be carried when the product is being introduced into the market and will be initiated on 15 July 2013 to run for three months. The objective of this method will be to inform consumers of the risks that are associated with poor hand washing in the hope that they will understand the need for the product. The process is expected to cost $1000. On site presentations This is a more practical approach to product promotion that seeks to allow the user to experience the product before they can purchase it.

This is a good approach for new products because it will give the customer the feel of the product so they can be sure of its quality. The expected result is that the customer will view the color patches in their hands in order to understand the color aspect of the product. It will also give customers to offer their suggestions and criticisms and address any concerns that they may have.

Since the product will not be sold directly to the public, such presentations will allow individual members to sample to product so that they can go back and inform their various organizations about its effectiveness. This promotional campaign can be started in August 2013 after the product is launched to allow people to learn of its existence and understand its benefits before they can try it. This activity will be carried out by members of the quality control team so that comments of quality and concerns of use can be addressed effectively.

Process for procedure of application will also be availed by this team at this point. The process will cost $2000. Trade shows These are forums where several businesses collect at one geographical location to show case their products (Luther, 2011). They are held at periodic intervals and are often well advertised so turnout is always high. It also brings together several other companies that are often viewed as potential customers. This is because Essential Clean seeks to target organizations and corporates as opposed to the individual consumer.

Trade shows present a forum for many businesses to meet together and sample each companys products. At such shows, products can be sold at a discounted price for purchase of large quantities which presents an opportunity for many business representatives to turn up. This activity will be carried out on 28th October 2013 in line with the date for the upcoming business fair and a spot will be booked on 5th October 2013 to reserve space for the product in the trade show. This activity will be undertaken by the quality control and promotion teams.

The process is likely to cost $5,000. Hiring Sales representatives Sales representatives are staff who are directly concern with marketing the product at selected areas. They are often available to inform the target market of the availability of the product and its capabilities. Drawing the consumers attention to these products often seeks to improve the market awareness of the product. These sales representatives often encourage customers to try the product and offer a platform for consumers to comment about the product an air their views. Any concerns and returns are also addressed by this team.

And because Essential Clean seeks to target companies, the sales representatives will not be involved in promoting the sale of the product to the individual consumer, but will engage in presentations that will enable the consumer understand the product so they can inform the various organizations about its existence. These presentations will include talks and demonstrations in selected supermarkets, malls and other busy areas where employees of various companies are likely to carry out their domestic shopping. This process is also undertaken after advertising has been carried out.

The activity will be undertaken from 30th November to 30th December when people are likely to frequent shopping malls and supermarkets for their festive shopping. It is also marks the end of the year so most employees may consider introducing the idea to their companies in the next year. . It will be carried out by the sales and marketing team with the help of a team of sales representatives who will be recruited and trained. The process is expected to cost about $7000. Direct marketing to target institutions The company will employ the use of direct marketers so that they can target the various organizations (McDonald & Wilson, 2011).

They can visit all day cares and nursing homes in an area and sensitize them on the use of the product. They may even sell them a few samples of the product to get them going with product use. This will ensure that the company reaches its target groups more efficiently. This process will be carried out by the sales team with a vast network of sales representatives.

This activity will be carried out from 2nd November 2013 to 30th December 2013 once the advertising and on site presentations have been undertaken. The process is likely to cost $2000. References Luther, W. (2011). The Marketing Plan: How to write and implement it. AMACOM. McDonald, M. and Wilson, H. (2011). Marketing Plans: How to prepare them, How to use them. New York: Wiley & Sons. Westwood, J. (2010). How to Write a Marketing Plan. Boston: Kogan Page Publishers.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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