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The paper "Marketing Concept" is an outstanding example of an essay on marketing. Marketing is comprised of both personal and managerial actions that assist and accelerate rewarding exchange relations in a dynamic environment through the manufacturing, allocation, promotion, and cost of goods and services and thoughts to the targeted consumer (Kotler & Armstrong, 1999). There exist certain principles of marketing that are to satisfy the consumer, target the right customers, assist in exchange relationships, always be ahead of the competitors and to augment the productivity of the organization. The definitive goal of marketing is to please target customers, seek the customer’ s devotion and expenditure factor.

In respect to this, the consumer ought to be pleased with the goods or services offered to him while the seller must also be pleased with the cost paid for the service or goods that he has offered or sold. The marketing concept is painstakingly a simple and instinctively attractive viewpoint. The marketing concept is a viewpoint that grasps that foe the main organizational goals to be achieved an organization ought to be smarter than the competitors in amalgamating marketing activities aimed at influencing and meeting the needs and wants of target markets (Kotler & Armstrong, 1999).

In essence, the marketing concept mostly engrosses majoring on the consumer's wants prior to the development of the product, lining up the organization's functions to the wants and generating a profit by meeting the consumer’ s wants over the long term. Consequently, the marketing concept relies on four major pillars that are the customer needs, profitability, target market, and integrated marketing. The marketing concept greatly relies on market research to describe market segments, size, and wants.

To fulfill the wants the marketing team is charged with the task of making decisions on the convenient factors of the marketing mix. Importance of marketing concept to managers Managers tend to play a major role in the organization in that through their dedicated and devoted leadership and the informed decisions they make the organization is able to make progress that is generally in terms of the company’ s growth and profits generated. The marketing concept has overtime proved to be of great importance to the managers in most organizations and most of them now prefer applying the marketing concept as compared to other older aspects which were been applied which encompassed aspects such as production and sales concept. One of the most important relevance of the marketing concept to managers is that it helps them in ensuring that the customer’ s wants are taken care of in a better and more sophisticated way and by so doing a greater number of sales are made which later contributes to the organization generating profit.

Also when managers apply the marketing concept in their organizations, customers will tend to prefer a company that produces more than the competitor's products that mean that a higher number of customers will tend to purchase the company’ s products more than those of the competitors.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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