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The paper 'Buying Behavior Issues' is a wonderful example of a Management Essay. Buying behavior varies from person to person. People have different behavior when making purchases; there are people who are keener on every detail and price while there are others who are generally less keen on details as long as the commodity of purchase meets some desired qualities or features. In the modern world, customer behavior is shaped by the presence of information about products online. More so, there has been a significant improvement on purchasing behavior in many respects since the early ’ 60s, consumers became more aware of the variety and hence more cautious on purchases that they make. There are two forms of theories that define customer purchasing behavior namely low and high involvement.

In low involving situations, the product that is being purchased is mostly of cheaper price and hence making the buyer not to consider more details. On the other hand, high involving situations involve the purchase of products that are of a higher price margin. Consumers normally take more time because of the nature of these products and the need to ensure that they get it right for the first time.

The key aspect, in this case, is the financial loss that will be experienced as a result of inappropriate choice. In this analysis, I will focus on two products that involved these identified situations and critically analyze how my buying behavior was when making the decisions on whether to purchase the product or not. Purchase decision The first purchase decision that I was recently faced with was purchasing a laptop computer which in my situation, I considered it as high involvement.

The rationale for this is because the price of the computer is relatively high as compared to most products that I am used to purchasing such as clothes and other things. As a result of the financial constrain as at that time, I was forced to make a decision on what type of computer to purchase (Schiffman 2007). The first step that I took in my decision-making process was analyzing my financial budget against the product. This was an important step because I needed to know if my budget could allow me to purchase a laptop or a desktop and which make of the two was the most suitable as per my budget.

The second issue that I considered is an analysis of my requirements, I love graphic design and watching high definition movies, I also value space and the ability to save as much as I can (Dens & De Pelsmacker 2010, p. 50). I generally love a fast computer that is compatible with all the market software and wireless connections and especially the latest standards like 802.11n.

I ensured that I listed all these specifications demands before making the purchase. Based on my requirements, I went down to the specifications that could meet my usage requirements. From my basic computer knowledge, I knew that higher processing speed was necessary because of graphic define and high definition movies that I loved. I also considered that I required a higher volatile memory (RAM) that works hand in hand with the processor to allow better multitasking. I also considered the size of the internal hard drive; I needed not less than 750 GB to store my documents as well as my movies.

The other consideration that I ensured is the graphics of the computer, this was specifically important because of my desire to commit more to graphic design. With this respect, I considered having more than NVIDIA in terms of graphics. The other important aspect that I considered was having the most appropriate operating system which could serve me with better functionality. I specifically preferred the latest operating system in the market such as Windows 8 because of the additional features as compared to Windows 7 and Vista.

Windows 8 also has additional graphics compatibility and options. The other important consideration was the hardware part of the computer, in this case, I considered the leading market providers( Peter 2008). The rationale for this decision was to reduce the risk of unknown models and at the same time get the best product. After these considerations, I made a decision to purchase a core i7 processor, 6GB RAM, 1000GB hard drive, Webcam Samsung laptop. My decision gave me the best possible properties that could allow me to enjoy my graphics design and movies without being bothered by the speed of the computer.

My purchasing habit here was more inspired by the theory of planned behavior where every aspect of the buying behavior was anticipated and hence consequently leading to imperative decision making.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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