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Trader Joe’s Online Grocery Shopping Initial Sales Promotion Schedule INITIAL SALES PROMOTION SCHEDULE According to Philip Kotler (2003) Sales Promotion is one of the key ingredients of marketing campaigns that consist of a diverse collection of short term incentives that are designed to stimulate a response from the target audience. Advertising gives consumer a reason to go ahead with the purchase whereas a sales promotion offers an incentive to the buyer (p. 609-616). Keeping in view the budget and effectiveness of each promotion on the target audience, following schedule is designed for the launch of online shopping portal of Trader Joe’s: Period Description Promotions Week 0 1 month Prior to launch ‘Coming soon’ teasers on radio and local newspapers, letting people aware that something different and new is being launched at ‘Trader Joe’s’. Teaser banners & posters near store locations and within stores. Teaser billboards (to be continued till the launch – after launch billboards would be different with different message). Week 1 3 weeks prior to launch Launch details on ‘The Fearless Flyer’. Place Kiosks near counters on each store containing information, catalogue, delivery terms and conditions and other details. Keep flyers containing detailed catalog and other relevant information with retirement centers / pension offices / hospitals (likely places for elderly or infirmed – target audience A) and offices (working people / people who lead a busy lifestyle – target audience B) Paper bags to have special promotional prints of the online shopping launch, website clearly written on it for the existing shoppers who would want to try the online shopping. Week 2 2 weeks prior to launch Direct mail to retirement centers / pension offices / hospitals / offices containing discount coupons along with detailed catalogue.

Discount coupons to be handed over to existing customer as well through cash counters. Announcements to be made on radios and local news papers giving details as well as that of upcoming promotions as well as ongoing. Week 3 1 weeks prior to launch Contest to be announced for first hundred online customers. Offering special discounts. Cashiers to advice and encourage existing customers to try it out while they check out through personal selling. Countdown promotion to be launched till the launch– Game it up with each day special prize for the last week targeting people who visit the website and enter information about their preference and most shopped grocery item.

Week 4 Launch Sweepstakes offer on the day of the launch to the first 50 customers with guaranteed prizes for all, with top three prizes being grand for example a return ticket or TV and runners up prizes accordingly. Special Billboards encouraging people to login to the online web portal and have a look. Guaranteed gift (for example Trader Joe’s signature mugs, caps, T-Shirts etc) to be given with every online purchase for a month.

Week 5 and on going Follow-up on launch Regular contests for online customers. Periodical discounts. Membership offers that may include discount on delivery charges and special packages of purchases. Loyalty cards and reward point system to be launched i. e. with each purchase made online rewards points to be awarded. List to be made that would advice customers which product they can get free for accumulated rewards. References Kotler, Philip (2003). Marketing Management, (Ed. ). New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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