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The paper "Marketing Professional Practice" is an outstanding example of a business essay. Looking for jobs is a difficult task as the job seeker expects the best or the worst from the organization in question. On the contrary, employers have a difficult task of determining people with great potentials when it comes to recruiting professionals. In this case, in order to identify candidates worth working in an organization that needs employees with potential business professionals, employees need to look into several things. On most occasions, when an organization seeks to recruit candidates, a systematic process takes place.

The recruiting strategy involves identifying candidates, sourcing and selecting the best. When people go out to search for employment, recruiters use the Curriculum Vitae to determine if the applicant has the potential to work in the organization in question. This means that the Curriculum Vitae portrays the applicant’ s capability before anything else (Andreasen and Kotler 2008). The human resource manager and the recruiting team will analyze the different Curriculum Vitae issued. This helps in determining people with minimum qualification requirements as per the requirement of the position.

Undertaking job analysis is vital when it comes to locating potential business candidates to join a nonprofit organization. Job analysis involves looking into different information related to a job (Andreasen and Kotler 2008). This helps the information of job specifications and job descriptions. When a human resource department seeks to recruit new members in the organization, the team should consider job specifications. This means that the recruiters should recruit while considering capabilities the qualified employee should possess. For example, if the candidate applied for a customer care service position, the candidates should be capable of communicating effectively with clients.

On the contrary, a job description helps the applicants understand the roles and responsibilities the job will demand. When this procedure is followed, the organization will be able to choose the best employee who will sustain the organization's performance.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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