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Media Advertising Introduction Social media is an interaction platform among people where they create, exchange or share information and ideas in networks and virtual communities. It differs from traditional and/or industrial media in numerous ways which include quality, frequency, reach, usability, permanence and immediacy. Use of social media is mostly associated with positive outcomes. Discussion The product promoted through social media could be anything, such as a mobile phone. There are numerous social networking sites such as Face book, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and people spend a large proportion of their time in these social medias.

The number of people that could be reached is of big advantage. Promoting a product using social media is a lot cheaper than traditional advertising and marketing methods. Then a Face Book page could be set up for the product, i.e. in this case the mobile phone, where people can like and comment on it and leave reviews. It should also have a link to the product website so that people can buy the product if they like it. People should be encouraged to like the product page and incentives such as discounts and coupons should be provided.

Invitations to people should be sent to share the product page with their relatives and friends so that the community of the company can grow. The company should also develop quizzes, surveys and other content that will create interest of many people and drive them to the company’s page and the product. A twitter account for the product could also be created and the company should attract followers by promoting it (Shullich, 2012). The company must create brief messages that promote and describe the product.

It should also keep a track of companies, people and brands that might have an interest in the company’s product. The company must also use LinkedIn to its advantage. It should create a group for the product in LinkedIn and target those companies and people that could be served by the company’s product. It should also post regular updates and reviews (Tuten, 2008). The company can also use its own blog or write in guest blogs of other websites to inform about the popularity and benefits of its product.

It should not only encourage people in sharing the company’s posts but also it should post them with other social networking sites such as Twitter and Face Book. Moreover people watch millions of videos everyday on YouTube. The company should prepare a video or a slideshow about its product and upload it to YouTube so that it serves as an advertisement for its product. It could also get forwarded by many people and also viewed by many people. But there are some risks of using social media as an advertising medium like regulatory requirement compliance, information leakage, and reputational damage.

Conclusion Advertising products using social media is always advantageous as it is cheaper than traditional media. But as there are some risks associated with using social media, the company should advertise its product in television channels while also at the same time take the help of social media. The role of social media cannot be overlooked in today’s world as people tend to spend much of their time in social networking sites. References Shullich, R.

(2012). Risk Assessment Of Social Media. Retrieved from http: //www. sans. org/? utm_source=web&utm_medium=text-ad&utm_content=generic_rr_pdf_interst1&utm_campaign=Reading_Room&ref=36923. Tuten, T.L. (2008). Advertising 2.0: Social Media Marketing in a Web 2.0 World. Westport: Greenwood Publishing Group.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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