Essays on Conducting a Clinical Trial Coursework

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The paper "Conducting a Clinical Trial" is a brilliant example of coursework on medical science. A clinical trial is behavioral or biomedical research aimed at determining the safest and most efficient treatment for an illness or disease. Clinical trials are conducted after adequate information has been acquired that satisfies the legal and ethical requirements of the country where the therapy is to be carried out. Biomedical research is purposefully conducted to benefit the patient. Therefore, while conducting a clinical trial on any person and particularly an aged person, there some ethical concerns to be considered.

Trust and fidelity between the medical personnel and the patient is an important ethical recommendation. The research should be beneficial to the patient and mitigating or preventing harm. The research should be voluntary and protect human dignity. It is ethical for the patient to have their personal information treated with privacy including protection from being shared with different people. It is ethically important to ascertain the philosophical and historical background of the patient to identify the benefits of the trial and the anticipated risks.   While conducting a clinical trial, legal issues are considered which should be in line with the laws of the country.

Liability is a legal issue, the medical personnel is liable for any personal damage that the patient may encounter during the biomedical research, because of lowered dignity and betrayed privacy. The patient should get compensation for health consequences or injury acquired during the research because of underrepresentation or exclusion. Constitutional concerns are legal issues applied while dealing with biomedical research. The land laws as stipulated in the constitution should be applied, that is human laws should not be abused.

The patient consent should be sort and have the fundamental right to choose how and what part of one’ s body parts to be used as a specimen.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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