Essays on Customer Buying Behaviour: Online Shopping Towards Electronic Products Case Study

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The paper "Customer Buying Behaviour: Online Shopping Towards Electronic Products" is a wonderful example of a case study on e-commerce. This report will look at analyzing the article titled “ Customer Buying Behaviour: Online Shopping Towards Electronic Products” by Wang, D. & Yang, L. 2010. The article will be analyzed based on different actors which include the different assumptions which are witnessed in the research, the research question, the research method and the results which have been achieved by carrying out the research. This will be followed by a critical analysis that will look towards analyzing the same article based on identifying whether the research was carried out correctly by analyzing the research method, sample size, ethical issues and other aspects.

Lastly, the report will highlight the different areas which can be improved so that the relevance of the research findings improves and will help to bring about a change in the manner in which different variables have been identified. Paradigm assumptions evident in the article The article has different assumptions which has can be analyzed after going through the complete paper as the research carried out by the researcher tends to include those.

The article focuses on finding out the perception of people towards online shopping without focusing on a specific field. The author has assumed that the same factors which have an impact on clothes or food items goods will impact the purchase of electronic goods. This is not true in a real sense as when a customer looks to purchase food products different factors like taste, the brand might be examined but in the case of electronic items quality, durability and price might be considered.

This is a clear assumption as the researcher assumes that same factors will have the same relevance on food and electronic products. Based on the same assumptions the researcher has narrowed down the variables to electronic products and used the same highlighting the assumption which has been adopted by the researcher for the research. Further, based on the assumption that the factors which have relevance on the purchase of other products the same have been developed and directed towards electronic products.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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