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The paper 'Understanding Change Management ' is a great example of a Management Research Paper. This report gives a critical analysis of change management and the benefit of change management. The case of study is conducted in Passengers Port at St. Petersburg in Germany that engages in tradeshows activities. Firstly, this report analyzes the effective change management method that is applicable across organizations inclusive of Passengers Port at St. Petersburg. The adopted model is the collective change management model that is easily implemented under the foundation of the ADKAR model. Secondly, the report analyses factors impacting tradeshows business activities.

The enlisted factors include economic impact, environmental impact, and competition. These factors are managed by using tools such as economic impact calculator, and competitive analysis tools. Consequently, the report analyzes people as an impact on tradeshows' business environment. The identified aspects include returns on the integrated tradeshows investments, education, size of the event, time, and resources. These aspects of management tools include the use of technology and the use of social media. Lastly, the report analyzes the benefits of and management through planning, monitoring, and managing by applying tools such as log monitoring and survey.

Conclusive remarks are given based on the analysis findings. The identified findings that position the need for change management includes poor organization infrastructure, limited organization capacity, and financial challenges for port development. Future recommendations are given to purposefully foresee the success of change management in organizations. The recommendation adheres to the training of organization workers, lobbying for organization funds, and high participation in technological projects. IntroductionThe core purpose of the report is to showcase aspects involved during change management and the benefits of change management under integrated tradeshows business.

The Passenger Ports Integrated tradeshow organization has been adopted to showcase aspects arising during change management. The analyzed aspects include change management approaches, business impacts influencing change management in tradeshows organization, management of people influencing change management in tradeshows industry, and lastly the benefits of change management in the organization.


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