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MGT 501 Management and Organizational Behavior Mod 2 SLP Mod 2--SLP 2 Personality assessments are always a little disconcerting in the sense that you may not know yourself as well as you think you do. Oftentimes, we are what we think we need to be and when straight forward questions are ask like this, you wonder. ... "Now how do I feel about that? " The test always takes a little longer than you think it will for that reason. This paper will discuss that test. The questions that were ask were pretty straight forward but not easy to answer.

I see myself as pretty introverted with very organized talents. The analysis saw my personality as moderately expressed introvert, slightly expressed sensing personality, slightly expressed thinking personality, distinctively expressed judging personality. Hmmm. Judging. Never saw myself as judging. Needless to say, taking the test was interesting. The judging part of the assessment was the big surprise, the other things were pretty much how I thought of myself. At first there was some thinking to do about the analysis of judging. Do I judge people?

I might have said no before but I guess I do to some extent. I wonder often why others are not organized or why they are procrastinating about getting things done. There is always the question of why they say some of things they do and what would make them do some things. Arent they thinking? So guess they were right there. In the workplace my strengths are that I think about things before I do them, I work quietly and I seldom get involved in office chatter, especially when it comes to putting down the boss.

There are plenty of projects to do, they are never done and it appears that I have the personality type to persevere and get them done. My personality type is Inspector so that leads to this personality being the true guardian of an organization. That probably is pretty close to correct. I think that the thing that is most valuable about me is that I never give up. If I suspect something is wrong, I am like a dog with a bone, I wont let go until it is finished.

My expectations, however, are high that everyone else will know what they are supposed to do and get it done. That may not make me the best manager for everyone though. It would depend quite a bit on the culture of the organization. According to the assessment, this is a personality that can be much too hard on the rules with the expectation that everyone will follow them. This is true of me and I have had some problems with leadership because of it and yes, I am criticized for it a lot.

I have noted over the years that my best kind of job is one that needs fixed. After it is fixed, it is not fun anymore. The things that probably would make the biggest difference in making me more valuable is to be able to understand that not everyone wants things done yesterday and I probably need to ease up a little. People think I dont care and actually I take everything pretty much to heart so I need to show them that I am human and maybe socialize some.

The socialize part will be the most difficult for me because I see that there is always something else to do but I will try. The instrument surprised me. I think it was probably pretty accurate. The one thing that might be a problem is the possibility that when taking it to look at a new job, you would want to be sure that the people hiring truly understand it. I actually took a test similar to this at one point when interviewing for a job and was turned down at the last minute.

I am assuming that the reason was because my scores did not match their cultural needs. They were probably right in that case but it is worrisome that might be true in the future.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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