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Military pay Introduction The military is an organization whose function is to provide internal and external security in acountry using weapons like guns among others. The military defends the country against external attacks as well as disputes arising within the country. In addition to security provision, the military offer relief services to people during natural disasters like drought and floods. This makes it a very important body in the government. Militants are prone to various risks during the execution of their duties. One of their duties is to respond positively to orders whenever they are called upon.

Members take oath of protecting the country from both internal and external attacks. Many are times when militants travel outside the country to help in peace keeping in such countries. During their encounter with their enemies who are also armed, some may be injured or killed (Salkind, 2009). According to Sorenson and Wood (2005), militants should be ready for work always. Sometimes they are called upon during late hours of the night or on weekends when they should be resting. Patrolling late at night puts them at risk of attacks by enemies or gangsters.

Sometimes they are forced by the nature of their job to spent long periods away from their family members. Militants may be sent to work in areas where climatic conditions are not favorable for their health. For instance, tsetse fly and mosquito infested areas or areas were getting the necessities, as water is a problem. They are likely to contract diseases from such areas. Based on the risks that military officers are prone to, the salary they are paid cannot cater for the risks and commitments involved during their work.

The proposal aims at identifying the reasons as to why the salary received by military officers however large they may be cannot adequately cover the risks and commitments involved in serving their countries (Nasu, 2009). Problem Statement Orakhelashvili (2011) points out that the nature of militants work puts them at risk of death because they frequently engage in fights in the effort to prevent the country against external attacks by enemies and solve internal conflicts within the country. Deaths must take place whenever people engage in wars because weapons like firearms, guns, grenades, and aircrafts are used.

Some like weapons like bombasts and grenades cause deaths of large numbers of people depending on their weight. Militants are of no exception during such periods. Making use of the above weapons causes death of many militants. Injuries that may lead to disabilities may also occur. This study aims at understanding why the amount paid to military officers is not enough to cater for the risks and commitments involved during their service because they are at risk of death.

The study is important because the salary of the military officer will never benefit them if they happen to be victims of death during wars. Why get huge salaries and put your life at risk is a question of major concern. Research Rationale The purpose of carrying out the study is to determine why salaries that military officers earn are not sufficient to cater for the risks involved and commitments during their service to their countries. In order to determine the role of study, qualitative methods of data collection will be used.

These include focus group discussion in which military officers will be selected randomly then discussion about the topic is conducted. The other method is interviewing individual military officers to get their views. Finally, the research can gather information through direct observation of military officers as they carry out their operations. The above methods of data collection will help the researcher gather adequate information. This study is related to demographic issues and work force in the country as deaths among military officers reduces workers and population in the country.

The payment given to militants is not enough to cater for their risks and commitments because the chances of death while executing duties are high. The study is important as it makes people choose whether to join the military. It is especially important for young people who would wish to join the military. This will make them have sound decisions before joining the career, as they will know the risks involved (Rubin & Babbie, 2010). Research Objectives The aim of carrying out the research is to establish why the pay of military officers is not enough to cater for their risks as well as commitments.

Carrying out the research will help those interested in the career to know the expected risks. Finally, the researcher aims at creating awareness to the government that however much it may pay to the military officers, it will never be enough to cover for their risks and expenses. Research Hypothesis The purpose of the study is to test whether militant salaries can cater for their risks and commitments involved during their service to their country. If the study is positive, then people should be encouraged to join the occupation so that they can earn a lot of salaries.

However, if it is not, people should make sound decisions before going ahead to join the military. In this study, the results of the study will go against the topic. Definition of Terms For the purpose of this study, the following terms will be defined: military, pay, risk and commitment. Military is the body that provides internal and external security in the country. The amount given in return of services provided by an individual is referred to as pay.

Risk is defined as the perceived dangers that are likely to arise from a certain activity. Commitment means to be devoted in an activity while the act of carrying out investigation in a certain topic can be termed as a study. Summary The proposal aims at carrying out research to determine whether the salary paid to military officers is enough to cater for their risks and commitments during their service to the country. The paper has discussed some of the reasons in support of the argument that the pay is not enough.

The researcher has highlighted death among military officers as a major risk during their service. The nature of their work puts them at risk of death because they engage in warfare with enemies who are also armed, work in unsuitable climates and operate in odd hours. These factors put them at risk of death. Young people should be meant to understand the risks involved in this profession so that they can decide wisely. Suitable data collection methods to carry out the research have been listed.

Objectives and study hypothesis have been outlined. Common terms used throughout the proposal have also been defined. References Nasu, H. (2009). International law on peacekeeping: a study of article 40 of the UN charter. New York, NY: BRILL. Orakhelashvili, A. (2011). Collective security. London: Oxford University Press Rubin, A. & Babbie, E. (2010). Research methods for social work. New York, NY: Cengage Learning. Salkind, N. (2009). Exploring research. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. Sorenson, D. & Wood, P. (2005). The politics of peacekeeping in the post-cold war era. New York, NY: Routledge

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