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Mission ment Critique Introduction Mission ment de s a ment of the purpose that a person, company or organization has for existing. It is often as a written declaration of the core purpose and the focus that remains unchanged with time. It filters what is relevant to what is not. It clearly indicates the line of duty. Consequently, it is something accomplished and guides on actions spelling out the overall goal, path as it guides indecision-making (Oklahoma, 2001). The chosen mission statement on the Chicago Bulls website does not meet a full definition of a mission statement.

It does not satisfy the necessities of a mission statement under the following analysis (Oklahoma, 2001). The Principal Purpose The Chicago Bulls Mission Statement has limitations in purpose identification. The statement is not clear on the specific objective of the company. It shows some sense of vagueness. The mission statement implies that the corporation strives towards winning the NBA Championships. Furthermore, the proclamation aims for a growing new basketball fans and at the same time providing a superior entertainment, value, and service (Oklahoma, 2001).

One may ask, is the company for entertainment or sports? It is hard to focus on providing entertainment and at the same time focusing on the NBA Championship. Therefore, the statement shows miss on the key purpose of the organization. Rather, the report identifies the company with several distinct functions that make it hard to note indubitably the prime role of the entity. An appropriate mission statement has to identify the key purpose of the body. The main tenacity has to come out clearly for those who do not have an idea about what the company does can easily read and tell the prime function (Oklahoma, 2001). The Philosophy in Running the Program The mission statement fails to indicate the philosophy in running the program towards meeting the goals of the organization.

The statement needs to point the distillation of its culture that informs on the aspect of its business practice. It is significant to define precisely the organizational philosophy to give the company a strong branding tool and make the workplace more congenial.

It, therefore, needs to flesh out the mission statement (Oklahoma, 2001). The operational environment The mission statement about the organization does not indicate the operational environment in which the tasks achieved. A mission statement has to include the environment and the nature of the course in which the ultimate goal of the company achieved. It is essential to define the operational environment as it lays down the strategies and gives the organizational structures of the undertakings. The operational environment, therefore, needs to appear to represent the commitments of the operations (Combe Down Heritage Group, 2004). The future of the operations A mission statement has to include the future operations well defined in the program.

The mission statement on the Chicago Bulls indicates that it has the future actions aimed at winning the NBA Championship as well as widening its new territory of basketball fans. The same statement shows the future operations in the provision of entertainment, services, and value. The mission statement on Chicago Bulls lacks definite future operations that need to be the source of motivation for the players and the fans.

Since the organization is a sports entertainment company, the mission statement has to have future operations that identify with the primary goal of the entity (Combe Down Heritage Group, 2004). Improvements Chicago Bulls Mission Statement improved by having a particular purpose and philosophy in an almost slogan like into the core value or ideas that the organization holds dear. The future operations appear in the mission statement as the operational environment clearly described within the declaration (Combe Down Heritage Group, 2004). References Oklahoma.

(2001). The mission statement. Oklahoma City? : Literacy Resource Office. Combe Down Heritage Group. (2004). Mission statement. Place of publication not identified: Combe Down Heritage Group.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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