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Customer focus and satisfaction in relation to mercury engineering of United KingdomIntroductionCustomer satisfaction has become a critical competitive advantage in every aspect of production in the construction industry. As a matter of growth, the importance of customer satisfaction has become part and parcel of the construction industry strategy to capture the market. Construction firms therefore use customer satisfaction parameters to develop, monitor as well as evaluate product and service offered to the customers. Customer satisfaction also comes in handy to an organisation, for it improves the nature of communication between different parties thus facilitates mutual agreement and evaluation of goals.

In the modern world, top construction companies have cordially put forth customer satisfaction and orientation as a result of stiff competition and shifts in customer demands as a response to tastes and preferences. The need of customer satisfaction in construction industryThe need of customer satisfaction has been extensively studied by construction industry experts as demonstrated by studies undertaken by Lehtonen (2006, pp 3-11). Their works has gained widespread attention in the construction industry as noted from both academics and industry players.

As is the case in the developed economies such as the United Kingdom, construction business players have adopted fresh strategies in striving to win the hearts of the dynamic clients. In fact, the whole field of construction is rapidly transforming to service business which has been necessitated by various change and development factors in the industry. Construction companies are therefore extending their operations on the life cycle of projects. This is currently demonstrated through developing projects close consultation and co-operation with the clients. For example, most UK construction firms offer customers wide range of financing options and various management services.

Such features are widely witnessed in the public and private partnership projects (PPP). The internal policy practices in the construction industry are also changing very rapidly and thus the ways of project implementation are increasing to offer clients the chance to select the project that best suits their resources and goals. Company of choiceThe firm of choice in this case is Mercury Engineering, a United Kingdom construction company that offers world-class solutions ranging from building services to management contracting. This is a privately owned organization headquartered in Dublin, Ireland.

It has a revenue base estimated to be in excess of €500 million on an annual basis. The company is famous for its excellent services such as high quality as well as consistent delivery of projects in regard to time and stipulated budget. All these have made the firm to be a choice by many customers for over three decades. Despite the challenges brought about by world economic recession, the firm has initiated extensive geographical expansion over the last few years thus it has its presence in the traditional market, United Kingdom and other places most notably, east and central Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, Russia and Canada.

As stated by the company’s business development manager, the firm has been able to complete quite a number of large-scale projects because of the best human resource and state of the art tools and management processes. The company has over 2000 staff.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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