Essays on Problem and Purpose of Model Development - SPRINT Project Model Case Study

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The paper "Problem and Purpose of Model Development - SPRINT Project Model " is a perfect example of a micro and macroeconomic case study.   Currently, Hera Comm provides a customer relations manager through numerous ways that involve customer contact desk (CCD), mails, call centres and even websites. Consequently, the organisation has concentrated so much on CCD, which offers a customer with face-to-face contact with numerous company representatives (Vigo, et al 2014). Hera Comm’ s subsequently enjoys about 80 CCDs that have employed about 200 personnel scattered throughout the Northern Italy region serving at least 650,000 customers per year.

These CCDs serve a greater level of requests emanating from both the residential and business users by way of providing relevant support requests like the opening and closing of accounts, reviewing and collection of billing facilities and availing information about a certain level of services as well as providing resolution on numerous customer complaints (Vigo, et al 2014). It also benefits from a greater size of geographical distribution for the entire CCD network. The desk managers, who supervise each of the CCD representatives, avail relevant and reliable feedback to central planners about the forecasts and proposed schedules as well as provide local situations that might interfere with forecasts.

Significantly, they are deemed to be responsible for all operational management as they fine-tune staff schedules in regards to numerous variations (Vigo, et al 2014). This demanding environment has provided an overall problem of ensuring that the customer service is effective and efficient while still making sure to operate at lower costs. Following this line of reason, the organisation has sought to come up with the SPRINT model that would ensure to strike a trade-off between the effectiveness of customer service that is required to attain necessary service levels as well as the efficiency needed to oversee the overall operational cost of the system. It is also important to note that Hera operates in a very competitive market that requires an organisation to formulate certain competitive edges in order to survive the challenges.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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