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College: Market Research Analysis Introduction Report preparation and presentation follows a process of problem definitionor statement, approach development, research formulation design, the actual fieldwork and then data analysis and presentation. The final stage which is the presentation of the market research and the data analysis should be done in a professional way to meet the objective of the research. The following are some of the example of marketing research to evaluate the rate of performance in call centres for various companies, managerial changes in New Castle Council and Customer service in the Banking industry.

The marketing reports will be evaluated to see if they meet the market research processes and objective. Herald Sun, June 20 2009: Call Centers This market research is about the duration that a customer is likely to take before their calls are taken by call centre agents in more than 2000 companies. A company can well be represented by the way it handles its customer’s. The time taken to respond to a call and the level of courtesy exhibited by their company representatives can be used to gauge the company’s overall performance.

The purpose of the advertisement is achieved. The title used “Is Anybody There? Dial f for frustration” easily tells what the report is all about. However, the outcomes of the research are not very clear. The audience of the report cannot comfortably list the purported outcome of the market research report. The design of the report is well arranged. The first phrase talks of the frustration that customers while using company call centre. The author has also used a wide range of industries to bring out a well researched conclusion.

There were a total of 14 industries used in the report of which the approximate time taken before a call could be answered was indicated. The data collected is well presented through tables and the use pictorial drives the point home. The language used in the report is official and can easily be understood by the audience. Winter Issue 2009: Members Equity Bank The purpose of the research report was achieved. The title of the report is straight forward and the report goes on to explain what the award is all about in the first paragraph.

The outcome of the report is also achieved. The main outcome is to show appreciation to the Bank’s customers and take pride in the achievement made. In addition, it shoes how the results were calculated. The design and processes of the report are well done. The data collection and analysis was conducted by an independent organization Coredata. After the data analysis, ME Bank emerged with the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS) over other banks that participated in the research. However, another report with a well presented questionnaire would stand a better chance than this.

The research results have well presented on a table to show what the participants in the research scored. The language used in the report factual and user friendly. The Post July 2009: New Brooms. The purpose of the market research is achieved. The author has clearly indicated the controversy surrounding the new wave of management at the New Castle City Council. The outcomes are not very clear. This is because, although the changes have been spelt out, some of the stakeholders hare not in agreement with the proposed changes.

This creates confusion on whether the changes will be effective or not. The design of the report have followed the required sequence. In fact, some of the areas that faced the greatest opposition have clearly been outlined. There is a clear table indicating how the result of the data analysis. The report has also indicated how the research was done although it is not clear on the respondents to the inquiry. The language used is objective and well understood. In conclusion, all the three marketing research are well doe apart from a few gaps in term of the design and data presentation.

The language used in all the three reports was objective and had a business command. References Blaxland, M. New Broom. The Post. 2009. Bradley, N.(2007) Marketing Research. Tools and Techniques. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Collier, K. Is Anybody There? Herald Sun, Saturaday, June 2009 Malhotra, N. K. (2002). Basic Marketing Research: A Decision-Making Approach. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, McDonald, M. (2007), Marketing Plans (6th ed. ), Oxford, England: Butterworth-Heinemann Member Equity Bank.

ME Bank Wins Customer Satisfaction Award. Winter 2009 Issue.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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