Essays on Motivating Employees without Money Essay

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The paper "Motivating Employees without Money" is an excellent example of an essay on business. Energizing staff for better results can be done in other better ways, which do not involve money. Non-monetary factors play a great role in the morale-building of employees. RecognitionEmployees love to work with the knowledge that their hard work will be recognized. This can be done by ensuring that the best performing employees are recognized every end month or end year. This can be done by awarding the selected employee with a plaque, a medal and a certificate of recognition (Worman 56). Provide holiday or trip abroad for top performers and their family Employees like it when the company recognizes their families.

The company can introduce a system in which the top-performing employees are taken for a weekend holiday or trips abroad. The reward will be helpful when the employees are able to bring their families. In this way, the employees will be drawn closer to the company and this will increase their commitment to the organization (Worman 10). Flexibility working hoursEmployees have obligations to their families, friends, children, hobbies, and others.

A flexible schedule to ensure that the employee gets sufficient time to fulfill these duties will increase their desire and motivation (Worman 75). IndependencyEmployees love to work in an independent environment, where there is minimal supervision and no one is watching their every step. This can be done by making sure that employees are given their assignments in time, and then a significant time frame is left for them to carry on their work on their own merits (Worman 36). Listen and ActEmployees love their ideas being heard and appreciated; this can be done by introducing forums where the employee are given opportunities to express their ideas.

Culture in the workplace makes the employees feel wanted and understood. The company also has to act on these ideas and give feedback to the employees to make them feel motivated (Worman 45). Aside from money a little creativity in the company can easily motivate the employees.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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