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The paper “ The Role of Motivational Research Based on Brand Awareness in the Market” is an exciting variant of an essay on marketing. Brand awareness is the extent to which the buyers or the consumers of a particular commodity can recall or recognize the availability of a certain product or service offered by a particular company or business (Percy & Donovan, 2012). Therefore, it’ s of import to understand brand awareness in order to analyze consumer behavior and brand management. Motivational research is essential in evaluating brand awareness, it utilizes three techniques; observations of the consumer behaviors in terms of brand purchasing, focus groups that constitute a small number of people and interviews.

While making a decision to purchase a particular commodity it is essential for the consumers to have the ability to recall a particular brand that they intend to use (Yoo & Donthu, 2011). Recalling some of the features that distinguish a product from the other for instance, the color of a certain brand can be the distinguishing feature. This paper, therefore, seeks to highlight the importance of motivational research in understanding brand awareness, It is evident that brand awareness is key to the success of any product in any competitive market, therefore the methodology of conducting and enhancing the motivational research on brand awareness as outlined above can be utilized and analyzed to develop brand awareness extent depending on the motivation sought using those techniques on the selected sample of targeted consumers. According to Oh (2011), the decision of the consumers regarding a particular brand is largely influenced by the awareness they have regarding that product.

Thus, brand information is key to the growth in sales of a particular product.

While conducting marketing awareness research engagement is geared towards a given target audience. Choosing a brand is like choosing a friend since consumers are attracted or repelled to certain characteristics that are inherent in the product and absent in another related product. The consumers themselves are required to make decisions whether or not to purchase based on how they feel about that new brand. For instance, when making a choice between two brands of cooking oil, the information presented is vital to the customer.

One brand can indicate that the oil is free from cholesterol and vitamin E is present. while the other provides a plain packaging bag, the motivational research can apply observations to its target consumers on their purchasing behaviors and it will be evident that the company that has branded and made people aware of their commodity will be generating many sales unlike the other. An offering of testers is another essential criterion to brand awareness in motivational research. While applying the technique of interviews in motivational research on two new companies dealing with yogurt, one can be giving testing samples and another does not provide any samples during their brand awareness program.

The sampled group will indicate that they are purchasing the product from the company that has provided them with samples, even if the one without samples is sweeter than the other one there will be a likelihood of receiving few purchasers for failing to offer testing samples (Netemeyer et al. , 2014). Therefore it is of key importance to offer testers to customers during brand advertisement and it will help them make informed decisions when choosing a given brand that has alternatives.

The uncertain customers can only be offered with samples to try without making any prior commitment of purchasing, this will build trust and increase brand awareness as well as sales for the company (Netemeyer et al, 2014)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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